January 19, 2022
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Special Corner - Ken Mills Your Presence November 30, 2012

Your Presence

Before you came into my life,
Words of tenderness and ecstasy
Flowed endlessly from my pen,
Like water gushing from a faucet.

Now that you are here,
The ink in my pen has run dry.


Your Magic

In the comfort of your embrace,
I feel a deep sense of contentment.
In the magic of your presence,
The rainy night
That is usually long, dreary, and cold
Brings a semblance of
Peace and warmth.

In the passion of your kisses,
My whole being melts.

In the fire of your touch,
My soul soars to the high heavens,
Where only poets and lovers abound.


Lesson: Happiness is a choice, not a goal. It is the byproduct of our thoughts, words, and actions. So what do we do to be happy? For me, foremost is dreaming and going after your dream. In other words, discover and follow the dream.

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