May 18, 2024
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others We could be there even now February 21, 2010

We could be there even now
It is well known to many spiritualists, that the Hon. Benj. F. Wade was in early life a materialist; but through the writing mediumship of his wife he was converted to spiritualism, and though occupying
the highest political position in the gift of the American nation, except the Presidency, he never
shrank from the expression of his honest convictions. After Mr. Wades transition, his personal
friend, H. E. Parsons, of Ashtabula, Ohio, by request of a near neighbor, asked Mr. Wade, soon after
passing into spirit life, to give a description of his condition, and an idea of the location of the spirit world. Here follows his answer through a writing medium.
The spirit world, or sphere, is everywhere around you, and is only separated from you by a thin veil of matter. You are in it now, though quite unconscious of it. Man is a spirit in a physical form; when the veil of matter is withdrawn, it reveals to him the spiritual world in which he was living before. He does not go to any remote place, neither is he immediately changed. He sees the beings who are around him, and they are just as near him before the veil was withdrawn as they are now.
He does not go afar among strangers, finding everything new and wholly different from what he had before seen and known. The future state of man, after the change called death, is similar to his
state in the earth sphere. He has a similar face, speech, appearance, mind, and external life; hence it is, that he knows not otherwise than that he is still in the world, unless he adverts to those things which present themselves, compelling a comparison of the two states of existence, or hears the
phrase, He is a spirit!  What the vast future may reveal, I know not; but this is true, one life is continued into the other, and death is only the passage. Say to my dear wife not to trouble herself so much about earthly matters, for they are in the keeping of God. I will soon write her a lengthy message; that is, if I can get the opportunity. Your friend, not dead but living, and near you.
Immortality and our employments hereafter - Peebles, J. M

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