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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others Soul Travel February 21, 2010

Little dancing figures appeared on the wall of the shelter - a mixture of light and
shadow from the earliest rays of the sun and the slowly moving branches. We sat
patiently and drank in the depth of the morning's beauty. Our minds were calm and
open, though filled to the brim with the world around us. "Are you capable of
receiving the light?" asked a voice-in the breeze. "We beg to please only show us the
way", I and my compatriots answered. "Then witness what the sky has given you,"
the voice continued. A ladder took shape and we began to climb its rungs, one by
one. Potent was the feeling that pervaded our every move. "Can we really ascend to
the world beyond? Our hearts are beating fast; can our minds remain still?" The
mentors guided us carefully onward. Words were spoken, though in a foreign tongue.
Or was it the rushing of the air that changed their sound? Our eyes were not working
properly, it seemed; all images came through a different type of sensing. But they
were real and vivid nonetheless. Zephyrs of soft perfume touched our cheeks and
drew us onward. Where were we heading? Our thoughts rang aloud and were
answered promptly. "You have come into the land of spirit. Be sure and practical
about what you wish to see. Your stay is a short one, but we will accompany you
where you wish." Our hosts quickly saluted and, in the blinking of an eye, vanished.
The strangest noise began to whir around our heads. Could we get accustomed to
our new surroundings in time to make an adequate decision? Slowly, the sound
disappeared and our eyes started to focus on the details of the landscape. Familiar
things such as trees and rocks dotted the area. It was a pleasant, inviting scene but
nothing unusual in its elements. "You are only at the gateway," we were told. "When
you make your choice you will travel further." This made us contemplate our situation
for a while and before too long we agreed on asking to visit our favorite earthly-type
place: a grove for meditation, as we were sure that those in spirit also spent time in
quiet solitude. "We can show you how we pray," our hosts conceded, "but it is not as
you think. We do not lead a monk's existence. Rather, our lives are filled with
organized activity and much of this requires our presence in groups. However, we do
enjoy walks in gardens, forests and on lakeside shorelines. Actually, our whole daily
routine makes us mindful of the Creator's loving presence and we do not need
temples as such to worship. We grow in strength through our united efforts. One day
you'll see what we mean in its entirety. For now, we can only give you a brief
glimpse. Your bodies will not sustain you in such an environment. Our hosts withdrew
again to let us decide a course of action. We admittedly had not come "for the fun of
it", but we were curious more than anything else about their way of looking at the
earth from the vantage point of spirit. "Another difficult thing to prove to you," they
said. "We develop our sense of soul sight. It is not automatic upon entering this
realm. However, do come with us to the observatory and you will see for yourselves
how the planet itself appears. We cannot guarantee that you will comprehend what
passes before your earthly eyes, but then we are still in the process of studying all
aspects of its vortexian character as well. Pass through this open door and you will
be on your way." We considered their proposal and opted to follow them. Once the
thought became crystallized, we were at our destination in an instant with no further
effort. "Is this a bit unusual?" we asked. "On the contrary," our hosts insisted. "It is the
customary way of travel." And so we passed through the portal and became
immersed in a steady wave of glimmering light. Not daylight that we were
accustomed to, but rather a peculiarly penetrating essence. Our hearts skipped a
beat when we saw what lay beyond: a huge dome which reflected the constantly

changing atmosphere surrounding every star in our known universe. Did it mean that
much to us? Actually, we explored but a corner of the magnificent array before it
became time to take our leave and return to our familiar daily surroundings. The
reality of our sojourn did not become clouded though, for we were quickly recalled to
experience other aspects of life beyond the five senses. This was not automatic, but
prepared for carefully and with detailed instructions. Not a casual trip for the
uninitiated by any stretch of the imagination. Our hearts had to be pure in all regards,
our intentions valid and sincere. We were to give aid to those who might consider
understanding such endeavors and prepare them for the benefits as well as the
responsibilities of the knowledge they would gain. A secret society, one might say, of
angelic mentors in the making. And we are here with you now, speaking through yet
another who would climb the ladder and discover the wondrous mysteries of the land
in the heavens above. Be swift in recognizing your potential. Be honest in all you
think and do and you too will shine as brightly as the stars. Go forth this day to learn
all you can, oh seekers of the Light, and you will be amazed by what you see.
Radiance, The Eloists

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