July 20, 2024
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Special Corner - Charles Lowson There Is a Land To Which We Are All Tending February 15, 2010

(Tune - Danny Boy)
There is a land to which we all are tending
Just as the river flows to meets the tide
There is a homeward path we all are wending,
Towards that place we call the other side.
There we shall see with eyes of spirit vision,
The trials and tears, the sadness and the strife,
There we will see to our great consolation,
That they were stepping stones, towards the higher life.
How oft the wanderer knows not where he's going,
The farmer wonders as he sows his field,
The fisher casts his net upon the ocean,
Uncertain of the harvest it may yield.
But this we know, those absent friends remind us,
There is no death, some day they'll clasp our hands
Rejoice, rejoice! and sow the seeds of kindness,
That we may reap the harvest in the Summerland.
C.P. Lowson