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Special Corner - Ken Mills The Journey February 15, 2010

Feb 14 - Kens assay In responce Trance

The Journey

There is no doubt in my mind at this stage of life, that each and everyone tend to travel to their own individual mountain and each with its own set of dangerous places as every mountaineer knows he will face regardless of his training that may lead to his failing to reach the top.

Many try several times before they succeed in their quest, likewise each of us must keep trying regardless of the mistakes and set backs we may face, many of us we are not conscious of climbing a mountain but simply trying to get through another day, and each day has its perils to face just like the mountaineer.

Every mountaineer planning to climb his mountain, every sailor who plans to sail the vast oceans and the flyer who desires to launce into space must read their manual to learn all the rules and save guards about his particular journey by what ever type of transport if he hopes to succeed and arrive safely back home.

I feel this is what Wayne and his recent message was saying regarding our individual method to find God regardless of the name we may choose.

We can aim for the mountain top itself and sit there in isolation waiting for inspiration as to enlightenment, or we can deal with all that the path to the top represents by life itself offers us on a daily basis and deal with it from a constructive viewpoint. Remember we are spirit first then human, not the other way round. The journey is to improve our spiritual soul not the body.

As I understand it we are instruments in a vast plan, while we may not be aware of this plan or even its final outcome, if we allow spirit to communicate to our inner being then we will follow our part in the plan and our journey to the mountain top will be that much more fulfilling.

We live in a very important period, one can recognize the changes that have already occurred and almost sense the changes that are about to come. We are witness to the greatest separation between the evil of war and the desired peace in all of history. The consequences have never been so dramatic and will cover the whole of this tiny planet earth, it is a life and death struggle for all mankind, not just one nation against another regardless of who takes part; the end result I feel will touch each and everyone.

While we may differ on the correctness of the contents of Oahspe and its method of output, let us use both methods to bring about the peace we all desire.

To be sure there are covenants as dear friend George keeps telling us, they would be worthless if not carried out with deep understanding of their deeper meaning and intent, but we certainly do need to work as one regardless of the differences.

Blessings from Ken

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