July 20, 2024
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others The Hopes of Divine Power February 21, 2010

The Hoops of Divine Power
The sounding rhythms of Native American Drums fill my consciousness and being. The
chantings of <heya, heya> also are called. There are brightly colored hoops revolving round
me. These move in a series of hoops. One hoop at time, the circumference of each
encompassing my aura, much like those rings which surround a planet or an atom. A kind of
miniature comet radiates in iridescence along each hoop as they rotate. I sense shamans
directing these hoops. One by one they appear before me, in vivid costumes displaying a
rainbow of colors, mosaics of design, and the totems of animals: the fox, the wolf, the bear,
the eagle, the turtle, and more. They call out a single chant of praise to the Creator as they
<Through the Great Spirit, a Springtime of a New Age comes to blossom.
The Children of the Great Forest , now give thanks for the many blessings and gifts which we
now share with you and all the living things that make the earth their home.
We turn with the Universe: to the Four Sacred Directions, of the Four Sacred Colors.
May the Holy Waters, Holy Fire of the Heavens now rain down upon all the Families of the
World, purifying them of self. The Smoke and Heat and Waters of Purification are flowing to
wash each soul clean. The Strength and Path for each Member of Earth's Tribe will be found
From the Precious Ground of Mother Earth, towards the Golden Sunset of Father Sky, the
Seeds of Heavens shall open to become the New Garden of the New Land of the New
Peoples, Embracing and Holding Hands in Love. We pledge to look over these New People
until their children's children's children have grown and are born to new life in the Lands of
the Sky that our Great Grand Fathers, Great Grandmothers from the Beginning of Time have
kept Sacred and Peaceful. These Words of Hope and Prayer, we, the Children of the Forest
That is Under the Stars, send to you!>
As the prayers ended, one of the chieftains then held up a branch of Sage, that then ignited
in flame, and then became a single burst of blue-violet energy that also billowed outwards,
like a mixture of incense smoke, light, and water.