May 18, 2024
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others The Higher Spirits February 21, 2010


The Higher Spirits

The Higher Spirits "An important peculiarity in the relative powers

of the higher and lower spirits, which we have already alluded to, is

that the higher spirits are not visible to those below them; whilst the

former have the power to see all the spirits on the earth-plane. The

latter, therefore, are ignorant of the others' presence, unless it

is desired to make them aware of the fact. Hence, at séances it often

happens that spirits are present who are unknown to one another, and can

only be aware of each other's presence by listening to the

communications given through your mediums. An earthly spirit is not

aware how many higher spirits are present, and you are not aware how

many earthly spirits are present, so that you see the latter have a

similar advantage over you to what we have over them. People in the

habit of communicating with earthly spirits through those mediums, with

whom only spirits of this class are connected, wonder why they only

receive messages from strangers, never from their own relations. If the

latter are in the Summerland, or the third sphere, of course it is

easily intelligible; for we must explain to you that spirits from a

higher sphere can only communicate with you through a medium who has

reached the same degree of development as themselves. Thus, you see,

that if you wish to communicate with the higher spirits, you must first

place yourself on a spiritual level with them, otherwise you will never

get messages from any spirits above the earth-plane. Another great law

of spirit communion is that the higher spirits can read the thoughts of

the lower ones — each sphere, in fact, comprehending the one below



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