January 19, 2022
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Special Corner - Ken Mills The Great Work February 14, 2010

Original Date 01-04-2006

It has come to my mind recently that I can no longer follow the "Great Work" a path I was introduced to perhaps 50 years ago, I was inducted into this craft and have done my best to follow its teaching. Now at my age and situation I can no longer put it into practice. However the memory of the encounters and people that I met with are always there to revisit.
Just what is the Great Work? Well apart of it is to understand as best one can, Nature and its relationship to mankind, not to control it but to blend with it in the few short years we share in this world.
That there was a plan or blue print as with all structures and any weakened link would be fatal, so it is with Earth.
Many think that regardless of their personal position that they are important in this Planet Earth and its
Particular role in the wider scheme of things. However as we can vividly see with the recent events of flood, storm, drought and fire of ever increasing degree we are at the mercy of Nature and its own role in the building of this Planet Earth that is far from finished.
It is a pity that man had not realized how important it was to keep a balance between what was abundant for his use in the beginning of time, and maybe those early people did, but certainly over the last hundred years or so man has turned toward his own wants and ignored the warnings that are so obvious.
As the plan of this Planet and its path in the wider Universal scheme cannot be altered then man will suffer his own downfall because of his greed. Man is simply a viewer of Natures work.
Yes Nature in its full glory is the master not a man type god. It's hard to believe after the biggest promotional scam of all time.
I am not sure if you can agree with this small output of mine to attempt to draw you toward a personal attempt at making a difference.


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