February 21, 2024
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others The Greater perspective March 08, 2010


We your angelic mentors see your needs more clearly and more objectively than you see them yourselves and we continually apply our energy and inspiration to help you along. Let your minds rise above the daily problems that drain your energy and enthusiasm. By focusing constantly and consciously on the Creator's presence and how our purpose is fulfilled through selfless service, you will find the energy and direction necessary to overcome stagnation and lethargy. It is a simple concept to express, but a concept that can take on gargantuan proportions when you endeavor to apply it in your life.

A change in perception is necessary if we are not to let the day to day drudgery and stress of our mundane existence drag us down. We use the "royal we" because even though we in spirit do not experience the same difficulties and frustrations that you do, we are tested constantly in our ability to remain empowered and motivated to accomplish effectively the Creator's purpose in our lives.

While it is true that you must continually deal with ongoing annoyances and upheavals that go with corporeal existence, from health and death to financial stresses, work and school, yet through it all you can be effectively in it all without becoming of it all. You can deal with life's stressors without becoming immersed in them simply by keeping them in the perspective that comes from an understanding of the universal nature of creation and your part in that creation.

You need to maintain the continual awareness that you are in essence a spiritual being temporarily inhabiting a corporeal abode. You must remember that your experiences here on this corporeal plane, as brief as they may be, are merely preparation for the greater and more expansive experiences to follow on ever widening planes through an infinite universe beyond.

Even the least of us, whether angel or mortal, is the means through which the Creator experiences and accomplishes the Great Plan that we as yet can only dimly appreciate. By embracing all of these realizations, you will then be able to approach life in a healthier, more productive and more rewarding fashion. You will experience the peace of mind and deeper satisfaction that we experience in spirit. This is the secret that allows us to find an endless inner source of strength and power to deal with all the obstacles and challenges that we face in our striving to accomplish a greater good, one that raises us to a level of service and awareness beyond the petty concerns of our limited selves.

from Radiance ..

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