January 19, 2022
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Special Corner - Ken Mills The Goblet Of life March 29, 2011




Life is full of endings and of beginnings too.

Life is always passing, yet life is always new

springing up replenished when winter's course has run

Life, a brimming goblet of wine warmed by the sun.

Life can never finish-It can only change-

into something different, wonderful and strange.

Perhaps like the Butterfly

Nature points the lesson. Nature gives the clue-

when the hedges quicken and the green thrusts through.

"Absolve thyself in this Great Sea of the Waters of Life”

Dive deep in it until thou hast lost thyself.

And having lost thyself,

thou shalt find thyself again,

And be one with Me.

Then shall the glory of Myself, which is thy true self,

Be mirrored in thee"





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