May 18, 2024
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others The Foundation April 19, 2010


In order to understand the way in which the higher realms have been organized and are working for the fulfillment of the Divine Purpose, it is necessary to know first the essential constitution of our spiritual natures,and the spiritual laws that govern individuals in this world.Humanity is the highest expression of the Creator in existence. We are made with the same attributes of our Creator. and we have been given the potential to develop all power in heaven and on earth to create what we w1ll. This planet is, as it were, our kindergarten,where we are learning how to use our powers through expression in human relationships.The human spirit is immortal. We are a threefold being.While on earth we are using a physical body; but this body is not who we are, it is only a robe or covering made of matter, which we wear while manifesting on earth. This robe reflects the quality of our spirit, and it has become so identified with our being, and it is so much a part of us that we tend to think this physical body, or covering, is all there is. But this is not true. It isonly an illusion.Let us put this part of the lesson in the first person.I was born so many years ago. The Ever-Present expressing through my mother and father created my physical and spiritual bodies. My physical body has in it all the elements of the physical bodies of my parents.My spiritual body is composed of the elements of the spiritual bodies of my parents. In addition to these, I was created with the potentialities of the universe that were vibrant at the hour of my birth. Jehovih, the great Creator, breathed through me at the moment of conception, and all the glories of the Eternal nature became my divine potentialities.I live now, an immortal being. I shall live forever. When I leave this planet, I shall continue to experience life, either in the atmosphere of earth, or in the great spiritual realms, where countless thousands of immortals are living and expressing the powers of their Almighty Creator.I rejoice that I have eternity in which to unfold my immortal soul powers, for this life gives me little time to do all the good I long to do, and unfold all the radiance that I know slumbers within me! CONCORD OF CREATORS - WALTER DEVOE

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