January 19, 2022
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Special Corner - Ken Mills A Walk in the Forest November 23, 2012

The Forest.


When walking through the Forrest one day I glanced upon a small mushroom its future to be eaten by man or beast. This is the plan of things that await us all in some form. Live life to its fullest as we know not the day or time our end may come.

The sun is a beauty to behold, the moon our friend does shine. 

The forest tends to hide these sights at times its foliage so dense above.

But wait there is much more than timber here, its floor does house many insects and animals galore. The music of the birds the smell so pure and if you but take your time your heart beat will decline, your mind will regain the vigour of yesterday so please wait awhile.

Man has worked this forest for many ends, and the replanting is important if both man and forest if they are to survive.

So when the opportunity arrives stop and take a stroll in this nature bowl of goodness and take a rest.

Ken Mills.  18/11/2012




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