December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Charles Lowson See How The Dawn Is Breaking February 15, 2010

See How The Dawn is Breaking

See how the dawn is breaking  mankind at last is waking
See how the light of truth is brightening the land
Dark is the path behind us no more will falsehoods blind us
We'll live as God designed us life is so grand
Reason has come to rule drink not from stagnant pool
Let that pure fountain of truth within us rise
Truth is our truest teacher flesh makes us selfish creatures
Mind is our finest feature mind never dies.
Come where the truths expounded not faith but knowledge founded_
Come where the light of reason illumes the way
Join in our mighty mission, end fear and superstition
See life with spirit vision come don't delay
Onward. through life we go reaping just as we sow
Blessed is the spirit that ever onward strives
Love is the law of living love is the soul of giving
.Love leads the way to heaven love never dies.
C.P. Lowson
(Tune)  "Scotland the Brave")

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