February 20, 2024
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others THE ALL MIND IS THE UNITY OF THE WHOLE February 21, 2010

The World Invisible is a Manifestation of the All Mind.
by Brother Zero
(1980), part 1
After the physical life is ended, man continues his existence in the so-called
invisible world. Here he finds a higher type of universe differing from the
physical with which he was familiar - yet he is aware that there is a similarity.
Forms exist; objects have shape; he can see people as he saw them on earth;
but there is a difference. He notices that whereas on earth he saw before him
and wherever he directed his gaze, now it seems that he can see everywhere
around him - before and behind, to right and to left, all at the same time. This
is because he is not dependent upon the eyes of his spiritual body but instead
registers the vibrations of everything with which he is surrounded, i.e. the
etheric vibrations.
Modern science doubts the existence of a physical ether. Suppose we say that
ether is not physical but some manifestation of the Mind of the All One, the
Supreme Ever-Present, manifesting His Intelligence through all forces of life.
So the man who has passed through death gradually comes away from the
fixity of earth and its forms. He now lives in a world of extraordinary change
where everything, being more or less alive, seems to be in the accordance with
his ability to respond towards it.
from Kosmon Unity

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