October 02, 2023
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Special Corner - Richard Rowley Tape About Raymond moody January 17, 2010

Original Date: 10/15/05

Tape About Raymond moody, An unbeliever. Review by Richard

I think Florence was looking for a review of this program. Here's one from way back. I have it taped, if you want a copy.

"Afterlife not Proven" Infers Raymond Moody in A&E's "We See Dead People."

After watching last night's interesting television program on A&E "We See Dead People" and seeing several mediums at work and reliable psychical researchers like Gary Schwartz and Lloyd Auerbach, there is one thing that bothers me.

It is odd to note that psychiatrist Raymond Moody has spent most of his professional life exploring and writing about Near Death Experiences and communicating with spirits in his scrying or mirror-gazing techniques in his psychomanteum. Yet he still can't make up his mind and believe in an afterlife, in spite of having seen one of his deceased grandmothers in the mirror, and having countless clients relate their contact with dead relatives.

Personally I went over to the other side and met and talked with my grandparents and other spirits in an NDE when I was 11 and many years later Raymond Moody's books help remind me of the experience and make sense of it. I felt was not alone. Since then I have had many communications from other friends and relatives including my parents, so I KNOW as well as believe in survival and an afterlife.

What infuriates me about these so-called experts who deny the evidence before their eyes is their patronizing attitude. "Whether it is true or not is unimportant." they say. "What matters is that a belief in an afterlife is therapeutic. It makes the client feel good, provides consolation and hope and helps them deal with life."

What a bleak point of view! After all these many decades of psychical research, has it all been in vain? So many mediums and researchers have dedicated their lives to the cause of Spiritualism. Is it all just make-believe, like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy?!

I know WE know the truth, but mediumship and Spiritualism are still regarded by the mainstream establishment not as a reality but as fanciful superstition, one of the mainstays of Halloween and Horror movies. We can only persevere and continue to prove our point, giving real evidence and proof of survival to clients and sitters, one by one, and in our meeting, circles and services. Most of the other churches and religions have lost this living contact with spirit.

Richard R.

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