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Everything Oahspe - About Oahspe About Oahspe - Publisher's Synopsis of Oahspe, The New Bible January 15, 2010

Liberty first of all; then discipline and harmony, and then the development of all the talentsJehovih created with all.

This is a book of books, namely:

Book of Jehovih, in His own words; Who He is; His creations; how He created worlds; theirages, destinations and dissolutions; His etherean heavens; habitations of angels; the origin oflife on a planet; the origin of man; what he was like.Se'muan period. The chief of the angels named God. Ashlars, guardian angels and Lords.

Book of Sethantes, Son of Jehovih, first God of the earth and her heavens, in His own words.Teaching man to walk on two feet; teaching him words of speech; providing him withguardian angels and Lords. God established the first heaven of the earth. He visits the earth.The loo'is, the masters of generations. End of sub-cycle. God's successor. Marriage in heaven.Ascent of the first God of earth with his harvest for the higher heavens. Drujas.

First Book of the First Lords. The I'hins, the druks, the Yaks, the A'su. See Image XV, Typesof Races for comparative size. Another heavenly kingdom established and named Yeshuah;origin of the words Ieue and Iesu on earth. Origin of saying mass.

Book of Ah'shong, Son of Jehovih, second God of the earth and her heavens, in His ownwords. The beginning of villages and cities; the beginning of wearing clothes.

Second Book of Lords, in their own words.

Synopsis of Sixteen Cycles, of three thousand years each, in the words of Jehovih's angelAmbassadors. The submersion of the continent of Pan in the Pacific Ocean, commonly called,the flood. This brings the history down to twenty-four thousand years ago.

Book of Aph, Son of Jehovih, in his own words. His charge in breaking the crust of the earthand sinking the continent; how he accomplished it; why he did it; his establishing of theearth's second heavens; appointment of five new Lords; three thousand years.

The Five Lords' First Book, in their own words. The great and high state of civilization manattained; the earth covered over with three times more people than at present; then the fall ofcivilization; its cause; and the earth became again a barren wilderness; three thousand years.13

Book of Sue, Son of Jehovih, in his own words. Re-peopling the earth; periods of warsucceeding; deformities of the races of men; the earth overrun with monstrosities; threethousand years.

Book of Apollo, Son of Jehovih, in the words of Jehovih's angel Ambassador. The changingof monstrosities into well-formed men; how it was done; why this labor fell to Apollo; hisestablishing of new heavens for the earth; three thousand years.

The Lords' Third Book, in their own words. Their method of dealing with mortals; thebeginning of monogamic marriages; man regaining the use of his vocal organs; three thousandyears.

Book of Thor, Son of Jehovih, in his own words. A period of miracles; angels again walkingthe earth with mortals.

The Lords' Fourth Book.

The Lords' Fifth Book.

Book of Osiris, Son of Jehovih. Revelations of the stars, the sun, moon and other planets;instruments for measuring the same; an age of disbelief; no angels appearing for more thanthree thousand years.

Book of God's Word. Revelations to man, in the words of God.

Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih. The raising up of Zarathustra (Zoroaster); his birth by avirgin; his life; locality; his preaching; the wheel of crucifixion; his death; cast into a den oflions; his re-appearance after death; origin of the red hat (cardinal's); blood in the lion's den;the zodiac; Fragapatti draws the plans for the ultimate redemption of the earth. This brings usdown to eight thousand nine hundred years ago. Fragapatti reveals the plans of the higher andlower heavens. He also establishes different heavens for each of the continents of the earth;and he appoints a Lord for each of them; three thousand years. Zarathustrian bible.

Book of Divinity, the Divan Laws. Who was the Div; its duration, three thousand years; itsdominion on the earth, and in the earth's heavens; the Divan Seal.

Book of Cpenta-armij, Daughter of Jehovih. This was the Dawn of Spe-ta, of the time ofAbraham of Arabia, Brahma of India and Po of China; the time of the Sun Kingdoms onearth. Who these men were, and how they were raised up; Yutiv, Brahma's wife; theirresurrection in a sea of fire. Bible of Abraham, bible of Brahma and bible of Po, allreproduced. Eawahtah (Hiawatha) the flatheads; the mound-builders; their bible; theirlanguage and mode of life. In the words of God.

Book of wars against Jehovih. Sawing of the prophet Isaah (Isaiah) in twain; the slaughter ofthe Ihua'Mazdians (Jehovih worshipers) in India and China. The false Lord God; the originalDe'yus or Dyaus, or Deity; the fall of the Divan (Divine) Laws of heaven. The new heavenlykingdoms of the earth; the false Gods' kingdoms; beginning of oracles. In the words ofJehovih's Ambassador. Confederacy of false Gods in the lower heavens. Building of the greatpyramid, and its purposes.

Book of Lika, Son of Jehovih. Descent of the etherean Gods and Goddesses from the higheretherean heavens; the dawn of the Arc of Bon; two thousand four hundred years.

Book of the Arc of Bon. The raising up of Moses, Capilya and Chine; their miracles in Egypt,India and China; the deliverance of the Faithists in Jehovih. Who these men were; how Mosesgot into Pharaoh's garden; his education. In the words of God. The origin of the name ofMoses; the miracles of Moses taking four millions of people out of Egypt; his concert ofaction with the etherean Gods. The bible of Moses; the original song of Moses; bible ofCapilya; bible of Chine of China; Chine's death and resurrection from a field of ashes; hisappearance after his resurrection; why the land was named after him; the reign of peace inChina; how it became called the Flowery Kingdom; triumph of the Faithists; how and whyLika appointed the Faithists (Israelites) to go westward whilst their brethern held China andIndia to the All One.

God's Book of Ben. The eight entities and Jehovih; science, philosophy, metaphysics, etc,etc.; the etherean Gods' re-appearance.

Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy. The plans of the corporeal worlds; overthrow of thedoctrine of attraction of gravitation; no force existing or extending from one planet to another;neither light nor heat comes from the sun to the earth; the atmosphere an vortices; the solarvortex; the great serpent (phalanx); defection of man's measurements of heavenly bodies;defections of the observations; magnifying power of vortices; cause of the photospheres, polarlights, velocities, electricity, magnetism, life, growth; meteors, nebula, clouds, wind and windcurrents; ocean currents; how to regulate the temperature of the earth by man; how to bringrain showers; cause of tornadoes, waterspouts; famines, epidemics, and how to prophesy byastronomical knowledge.

Book of Saphah. Philology; origin of languages; how to prove them as to origin, duration, andkind of people who spoke them; hieroglyphs, and how to read them; tracing of language downfrom Panic, through Yi'ha, Chinese, Vedic, Sanscrit, Hebrew, and so on down to English; howto find what an English word would be in Panic; thorax words and their era; labial words andtheir era; nasal words and their era; how to determine what the language of the future will be;how to find original bibles; how to find the speech of an extinct race.

Book of Praise. Somewhat in the style of Psalms of David, but relating mostly to the heavensof the earth and to etherea.

God's Book of Eskra. A spiritual history from the time of Moses down to the discovery ofAmerica; also a history of the heavens of the earth for the same period of time; descriptions ofthe heavens of the Brahmins, of the Buddhists, of the Christians and of the Mohammedans,with rules and signs for determing the same.

Book of Es, Daughter of Jehovih. A sacred history of man since the last four hundred yearsdown to the present, and for some time in the future. The above books give an account of thelower heavens, or spirit world, during the same periods of time. They describe the first,second and third resurrections in atmospherea; tell what the angels do, how they live, givetheir training and discipline; describe wandering spirits, familiar spirits, vampire spirits,demon spirits, engrafting spirits who live on mortals, teaching re-incarnation; spirit powersover mortals; chaotic spirits on battle-fields; lost spirits in haunted houses; obsessions,entrancement, spirit manifestations, how to get them; how to determine what realm a spirit belongs to, and who he is; how spirits deceive mortals; how selfish spirits in the lowerheavens make slaves of their dupes after death and entrance into heaven; how to acquireprophecy and seer-ship; the delusion of the magnetic sleep; of spirit control; how to know thenature of spiritual communications; how mortals are graded by the Gods, and their statusknown in heaven; how nations fall; why cities are burnt down; how spirits can cast pestilenceand contagious diseases; how the offspring of mortals are controlled; how any one maydetermine into what realm of heaven he will enter after death; how to determine the time ofhis bondage and of his emancipation; how to determine the place in heaven where a king orqueen will go; where a rich man will go; the length of the time of bondage of any of them inthe lower heavens; how any one may discover his own grade, as to where he will go; howthey work themselves out of bondage in the lowest heavens; the necessity of purifyingourselves in flesh and in thoughts before we are companionable to pure angels; rites andceremonies; discipline and communities in heaven; ships in the higher heavens that carrythousands of millions of angels in the etherean seas, and on excursions of thousands of years;the great firmament, etherea, filled with thousands of millions of etherean worlds, habitablewithin and without; the labors of Gods and Goddesses; the insignificance of our earth and itsheavens, atmospherea; what is meant by higher and lower heavens; how mortals can attain toreceive communications from the first resurrection, from the second resurrection and from thethird, and even from Gods and Goddesses; what is purification; how to purity one's self, inflesh, and in spirit; how to know when a spirit communication is from the second resurrectionor from the first; how to raise children; the coming race race; the cosmolitan, in the words ofGod; who is God; who is Lord; what is liberty, and how to attain it.

The false Kriste inspireth the destruction of the Quakers. Cotton Mather. Angels of theinquisitions; how appropriated by the Lord. The republic established. Of Thomas Paine,inspired by God. Washington protected by the angels of God. God casteth out the four falseGods. Jehovih judgeth the false Gods. Of the Mormons, Shakers, Swedenborgians. PresidentLincoln directed by the angels of Jehovih to liberate the slaves.

Book of Judgment. God's judgment upon the Brahmins, Budhists, Kriste'yans (Christians),Mohammedans, Confucians and Jews. The numbers of judgment, in the words of God. Of theJews. Of resurrections. A day of judgment. God decreeth against infidelity. Of the Father'skingdom on earth. God showeth how to judge the angels that minister to mortals. Of thesecond resurrection. Of ascetics. God judgeth charities. God showeth how to do charity. Godjudgeth the missionaries. God judgeth dominions. Judgment against the man of promise;against war. God judgeth of exclusiveness. China and Japan thrown open. See Images CXVIIAND CXVIII, Rates and Grades. God declares against the government of man.Book of Inspiration. The beginning of knowledge. How knowledge cometh to man;everything is inspiration. Times and seasons of the Kosmon Era. Holy compact day. Holy veilday. Fallen sword's day. Holy Kosmon day.

Book of Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth, which containeth within it the Book of Shalam. Historyof Shalam. The holy covenant. Covenant of the brotherhood.

On earth, God said: "I come not, in this day, to teach man charity, nor yet to teach man as towhat is right and wrong between men; these things were revealed before. I come to produce anew race, and show them how to fulfill the former commandments: to do unto others as theywould to be done by; to return good for evil; to give away all and fear not. Before, thesethings were preached; behold, I come now to put them in practice. By this shall man know who are the chosen of Jehovih. They have said: 'Thy kingdom come as it is in heaven!" Whoare ready? Let them come, the Light of Jehovih is on hand. Beware of those that longer preachand pray for these things, but practice them not; they profane the name of the Almighty!"

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