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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others more short stories mostly by Bob Bayer September 10, 2010

A Gathering of TribesUpon the small bank of an oval-shaped spring, I find myself now standing. It is in thesame jungle forest I had previously visited, where I had plunged into its pool. Streamsof Light through openings in the trees shine upon the sparkling waters of the foreststream, and its source, the pool spring A Native American guide in ceremonialdress stands next to me. He is dressed in feathers of turquoise, pink, white andsilver. He points at the Mayan Pyramid Temple that rises above the treetops. It is thesame one where the ceremonial dances were held in two prior visions. He raises botharms and speaks in an unknown language, and then taking my hand, we both jump intothe waters of the spring. For a few seconds, cool purifying energy washes over us,and then we rise to the water's surface and I with a gasp realize we are back at theGold Pyramid, standing in its very bright and clear azure pool, amidst an oasis of palmtrees standing on the edge of the endless desert. Standing a few paces away, beforethe Gold Pyramid, is an Egyptian dressed in ceremonial dress, wearing gold-platedbracelets on all his limbs and a headdress of a bird that looks like a crane of somesort. He holds his hand palms open to us in a sign of greeting, smiling and bowingslightly to both the Mayan and then to me. We then hold hands in a triangle formationand submerge ourselves once more into the pool. This time the energy of the waterfeels brighter and I feel it humming through us, and we in a moment rise to the surfaceagain. Another gasp from me at least, because now we are rising from a fountainwaterfallspring on the side of a pine forested mountain. A few hundred meters off,there is a white and silver geodesic dome. We descend from the pool and go down apath to a meadow not far below us. As we reach the clearing, two white-robed pilgrimstake both of our hands in turn, greeting us with smiles and in a short embrace. Theythen take us to a group of about a score of persons who are dressed in an equal mix ofall three cultures apparently. With little discussion, everyone then forms a circle whilestanding, holding hands in a few moments of silent prayer. Three chieftains, whom Ihad not met yet, raise their hands and exclaim: <The Gift from the All Highest is Ever-Present!> At that moment, a music of flutes and drums begins and we all begin a danceas a group, very rhythmic and tribal in style. A brief sense of unity and happiness floodsover me, and then I awake to being on earth again