January 19, 2022
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Special Corner - Susan Griffin A Sparkling, Shimmering Crystal March 03, 2011


A Sparkling, Shimmering Crystal


I crossed over to the next dimension, and I could feel a very fine mist coming down. This mist was protecting me from any negative beings who wish for me to follow them.  Instead, I shook off the sensation of feeling cold and wet and kept the security of the mist.  This protective mist did melt away as I entered what seemed to be an extremely sacred area where an unknown Source Light was abundant.  So, I walked towards the light which was in its own way seemed to be beckoning me. I continued my walk up a scenic path.  Finally, I arrived and the Light that had been signaling me gave way to a gorgeous sparkling, shimmering crystal.  The instant I set my eyes on this ethereal Light, it began to grow in size until it was an extremely large sphere.   When its mesmerizing presence appeared directly in front of me, the entire sphere engulfed me into its beauty then its extraordinary presence emanated the secrets of the Universe.


My journey had led me to a dimension within a dimension that instantly brought any fears that I had to a stop and I was instantly filled with peace and security.  I took a deep breath and an energizing force took over.  It was a time of wonderment.  It was a mystical experience full of images of another side of the Universe.  By now my eyes were wide open taking in all that was appearing before me.  Tears of joy were flowing down my face as I looked in awe at what was presented before me.  All those moments when we live in the physical realm on planet Earth and its precarious times of fear and insecurity in an instant left me.



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