May 18, 2024
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Special Corner - Spirit Dove Earth is a sacred place January 18, 2010


Like the rise and fall of the tides, life, in all its forms, is brought forth upon the earth, spends it allotted time, and is ushered off into the ‘unseen' realms prepared for it. Nothing can stay the Hand of the Almighty, Creator, dispensator, and dissipater of worlds beyond number. "Look about you O man; can you create the smallest living thing? Can you bring forth life? Can you cause the wind to blow, the oceans to course, the mountains to rise and fall; can you cause the earth to bring forth in abundance or decline in decadence? What right do you have to proclaim your sovereignty over My creations?"

The earth is a sacred place, given unto us all by our Creator, it abounds in beauty and abundance; there is a sufficiency of all things for the inhabitants of the earth, we have only to take care of it and one another.

It is man himself that has made the earth a place of strife and contention, a place of wars, pestilence, hunger, and need. It is you O man, which has brought about the conditions that prevail upon this beautiful world. The time has arrived when we must all take responsibility for ourselves and for the world in which we live.

While it is true that most men are followers, there are sufficient leaders, even in this day, which can lead our people unto the age of Spiritual Enlightenment, come forth; listen to the Voice of the Almighty speaking within your souls. No longer should we allow ourselves to be led by corrupt politicians and men of greed.

This earth has been given unto us all for our joy, and to fulfill the needs of its entire people, not just the affluent, and those in power and preeminence. There is ample room and bounty for all if we will but share with one another.

The Father has given unto each of us certain talents, abilities and material wealth, but it was not given unto us for our exclusive use, rather it was given to extend our usefulness and responsibility unto our fellow man.

We are up lifted by our up lifting those within our reach. To some the Father has given the power to up lift but a few, to others, the power to up lift many, even the entire world. You are judged according to how you use the excellences that have been given unto you; you will not be held guiltless if you do not heed the Fathers commands.

The heading of this says it all; that which constitutes our being has always existed, having been amalgamated into its present form that we might develop and perfect our selves, and our brothers and sisters, prior to our birth unto our eternal journeys.

The earth is truly a portal from Ever Lasting to Ever Lasting; it is here that we are focalized into our very selves; it is not a place for us to become owners, nor is it a place for us to covet, acquiring its riches unto ourselves. No one can own the earth, for it belongs to our Creator, it is on loan to us for our brief stay. We are its stewards and guardians. Use it wisely and return unto it that which you have taken by giving thanks unto the Almighty, if not rebuilding that which you have destroyed.

Love eternally,
Spirit Dove

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