May 18, 2024
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Special Corner - Spirit Dove Religion Vs Spirituality January 18, 2010

Compiled from an earlier writing
            Recently, while talking to an acquaintance, the subject of my religion came up. "What religion are you?" I was asked and, without giving too much thought to the question, I replied: "I'm not a religious person at all but rather I am a spiritual person." By the dazed look I received I knew right away that my comment had gone somewhere off into left field. This person had obviously never considered the distinction between the two terms. Have you considered this yourself?
            I believe that most everyone is familiar with what religion is but what about spirituality? If you think about it, you will probably agree that the two terms do mean very different things.
            Religion is obviously an `organized' approach to worship; those who follow any particular `religion' have agreed to follow a given set of rules, ceremonies and dogmas associated with that particular religion, understanding of spirituality notwithstanding. Most everyone is aware that there are several basic religions prevalent in the world today, with a myriad of sub-religions springing from those basic postulations.
            If you follow any of the `religions,' you are then considered as `belonging' to that religion. In my case, I have studied the basics of most of them and I have chosen not to `belong' to any of them; rather I have chosen to follow the essence of why these religions came into being in the first place, namely spirituality.
            In past eras, as well as today, man has committed unbelievable atrocities in the name of their particular religion, apparently giving much thought to the fact that we are all, every one of us, created by the same creative force, by whatever name or concept you choose.
            We are all `spiritual' creatures and not one person, church, community, or nation has the right to impose either their religion or their shortsighted wisdom upon another, regardless of their supposed spiritual understanding. It is not only a crime, but is as an abomination before our Creator. We are all created with equal opportunity before the Great Spirit. All people have the right to choose what so ever they will in all things.
            As many man-tribes have come to realize; all `material things' are spiritually based but it is man alone whose `spirit' evolves beyond the so-called physical plane. Virtually all creation is based upon the `Living' Presence of the ALL ONE, our Creator; it is the spiritual essence of our Creator that brings forth life, individuality and the existence of all things, animate or inanimate, seen or unseen.
            Becoming aware of one's own spiritual nature, as well as that of all creation, is to begin to grow and evolve beyond the `physical' or `animal' plane from which we have sprung. This is in part why we are here; to develop not only our physical being but also, more importantly, our spiritual self. The body is little more than the current vessel in which we are traveling but `spirit,' the real you and I, will exist long after this world, with all its `religions,' no longer exist.
Thank you for taking the time to listen and to contemplate.
Love eternally,
Spirit Dove

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