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Special Corner - Ken Mills Prophesy February 27, 2010

Ancient Prophecy
Mohammed was just one of many a proclaimed of inspired messages, he and all others in many different countries and from different backgrounds had a desire I am sure to touch the essence of "God" to approach him and deep in their spiritual psychic soul were calling out for a sign.
Now the question arises, who was this messenger from heaven that speaks to these prophets, more importantly from which of the many planes did the messenger come. Could they have all come from the same source?
While each gave forth a message to inspire others to come forward and follow a particular call, each call differed and henceforth leads to a wide range of thought expression and indeed some to an unholy end.
Some of the ecstatic raptures that occurred with these messages are recorded, though like all history more so in the spiritual events, much may have been added. However it is apparent that each was under some kind of spell or trance.
Who and why were these people chosen to perform this mission, certainly not because they had spent years in meditation or other spiritual exercise.
In all cases the sayings became less inspired, less spontaneous, and more like productions of reflection and consideration.
There utterances were at first because of the spontaneous event, only remembered by the person themselves or later on by passers by and later recorded
Another important common factor was that there was always the imminent judgement and the exhortation to repentance. Most all indicated a saviour was imminent.
Now with the instigator of the Book Oahspe are we to look upon Newbough as a Prophet, or as a writer. He at least set out to find better teaching and because he gave time and effort to his search he too may have caused the event and became under a spell of sorts though in his case over a longer period and at a set period of time time.
So far we can see that in the case of the Muslim religion Christianity as well as the Jewish religions all have had their share of disasters and upsets. Why if they were the word of God who is so perfect do they fail to bring peace?
Were these people who brought about such divisions throughout the world in any sense abnormal, were they contacted by evil entities.
Or as Oahspe points out by false Gods.
Ken. 21/2/2004

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