July 20, 2024
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Special Corner - Various Writers Polarity - by Walter DeVoe January 20, 2010

Polarity is the basic principle of life as well as of all electrical phenomena and inventions. The Chinese based all their philosophy upon the Yin and Yang, or mother-father, principle of positive and negative. Swedenborg said that the Creator ever seeks to ultimate Himself into objective creation. Electrical science says: Power flows from a higher to a lower potential. The positive vivifies and directs the negative.

In the vast Whole, the Cosmos, consciousness and purpose are positive. Responsiveness or creativeness is negative.  Consciousness is Father, or the purpose to create. Responsiveness is Mother, or the Creativeness that builds or fulfils the purpose or will of the Father. Thus infinity, or boundless space, is responsive creativeness which ever responds to the Internal Fatheres Will to beget immortal sons and daughters who shall objectify His Eternal Being and Purpose throughout infinite creativeness.

The Mother Creatrix ever remains responsive to the Father's Purposefulness as expressed by their sons and daughters, ever creating and fulfilling every purpose of every being, without partiality, discrimination or condemnation.

The Faithist Journal, 1969, December.