May 18, 2024
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Special Corner - Spirit Dove As long as people can change January 17, 2010

As long as people can change...

the world can change !

Others, much wiser than me, have said that life is but a journey, a journey that shall ultimately carry us beyond the confines of this small world, beyond our starry universe, and even beyond the realms that only the highest angels have traversed. The Great Spirit, the Creator that resides within my soul, has shown me that this is so. It is through Him that all knowledge and all things are possible, worlds without end.

Many of the Father's children trudge through their lives as though a great weight is cast upon them; it is as though they are traveling along a pathway that is steep and arduous. If only they could be made to realize that they can find joy and happiness in their lives, they do not have to live in despair. Our Father wants only good things for His children.

Certainly, it is difficult not to worry and fret over the conditions that we live with today, with wars, pestilences, and calamities at every quarter. The conditions that prevail upon earth are of man's own making. As man has created the conditions that exist upon the earth, man can change the conditions of the world by how he lives! God knows our plight and is mindful of our needs; He ever comes forth unto those who will listen. We must never place the blame for the woes of the earth upon our Creator, His God or the angels that attend them.

We cannot find spiritual peace or happiness by seeking those Excellencies within the fabric of our corporeal (physical) existence. Many seek happiness by affiliating with their family or friends or with the members of their churches or other organizations, while these afford some appeasement yet they lack fulfillment. Others seek happiness by traveling to most exotic places the world over but they too discover that those places do not fulfill their desires.

There are untold worldly trinkets to placate and appease the desires of man but none of these shall ever bring the peace or harmony for which he seeks. In time these `things' shall fade away as surely as the last rays of sunlight flitter through the forest before sunset. They are effervescent and shall soon fade from existence.

So where do we find this sense of peace, fulfillment and happiness if it cannot be found in people, places or things? Where do we seek to find God if not within our family or our churches or in our myriad of organizations?

Our Creator, that has brought us forth into existence, is Ever Present, residing within all of His Creations. This concept is very difficult, neigh impossible for corporeal man to comprehend in its entirety. That is partly why we have found it necessary to fabricate our various idolatries, that we might envision Him on a `physical' level. In truth, we shall never see the Father as we see our fellow man!

We are (each of us) a part of, and an expression of the Great Spirit, the Ever Present. We owe our corporeal selves to His corporeal Self and our spiritual selves (which is LIFE and motion) to His Immortal Self.

Our corporeal selves shall remain with the corporeal earth when our time on earth comes to an end, whereas our eternal and immortal self, being a part of the Eternal and Immortal Creator, shall live on into eternity.

Native peoples the world over have understood this concept much more than today's so-called modern man for they resided in a closer relationship with the Ever Present in their daily lives. They acknowledged their existence within the scheme of things. They worshipped the Almighty in how they conducted their lives.

Man today has lost that closeness and has forgotten his Creator; he is caught up in the contrivances and entrapments of the so-called modern world. It has been said, "Man shall be confounded by his own contrivances, " and it is so!

Man has entered the age of spiritual enlightenment. Man is now capable of comprehensive judgment and is therefore, no longer bound by the decrees and religious dogmas set forth by his forefathers. No longer shall he bow down to any god, lord, church, or idol save the Great Spirit, his Creator.

Peace, harmony, love, and happiness cannot be found by any corporeal standard or measurement. These Excellences come only from spirit and by living a spiritual life. Man must put away the things of the earth and cleave unto his Father, seeking His Light and guidance in all things. When man does this, the angels that are by his side shall enlighten him and show him the way unto eternal peace, harmony, and growth, when humankind does this, the world shall once again become a place of happiness rather than contention. War shall be no more upon the earth.

Live in peace and love one another, the world is wide enough and bountiful enough to sustain all of its peoples. The earth belongs to no one but to everyone. We are all the Father's children.

Love eternally,
Spirit Dove

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