December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Charles Lowson Peace In Our Time February 15, 2010

Peace In Our Time
Another year is moving to it's close
A year of changes vital and profound
As friendship fosters betwixt ancient foes
And man made walls are tumbled to the ground
And they who trade in armaments for gain
Who now dismayed would sow dissention's seed
The bitter harvest causes them no pain
Makes manifest their own rapacious greed
Shall warlike weapons now be laid aside?
In brotherhood shall nations all unite?
Or will beliefs continue to divide
The Gods of war their faithful urge to fight
Too long have ancient fables run their course
With honest doubt and reason deemed profane
The fount of truth polluted at its source
As infant minds are bound by servile chain
If east and west can join in sweet accord
If mortal men unite that peace may reign
Surely they who claim to love the Lord
The warring sons of God can do the same.
C.P. Lowson 9/12/ 1990.
When the Berlin Wall was demolished.

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