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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others The Twin Soul . March 08, 2010

136. The Twin Soul


Like an arrow shooting skyward, I fly up into the heavens. There is a brief view of blue skies and clouds parting, and then I land upon a familiar lawn pavilion. A long mirroring pool, very majestically reflects the scenery and architecture of the surroundings. There are trees in blossom that border the lawns. A white domed building is at the very end of the pool, many hundreds of yards further on. Behind and above this, I see for the first time a sacred white mountain, that also is reflected in the pool belong. A woman with golden hair and robed in lilac and white greets me by taking both my hands in hers. I can feel nothing but a great romantic joy in this meeting with her. The universe seems to be reflected in her bright eyes. She says her name and the sound of her speaking is like music to my ears. I listen for my guide because I must soon return to the mortal world. But it is she who speaks:


Yes, we are Twin Souls, you and I From the moment of conception, we were destined to meet and to love one another throughout eternity. I cannot tell you everything that I would like to say now, but there shall never be a need for words between us, for we understand one another better than we understand our very selves. Each pair of Twin Souls are created according to the Divine Plan that is Directly a Result of the Creator's Will. Much good may be accomplished individually, but the full potency of the Love, Wisdom, and Power that shall evolve and blossom from our Union of True Love, by far excels what we shall achieve apart. Know that it is often the case that one of the Twins goes forth to Es prior to the other. From this higher place, I have been helping you to ascend the Stairways of Redemption and Service. Our Love Fulfilling is the Central Essence of The Eternal Spirit within All Persons. Together, each complements the other and together, both unite to bring about the Perfect Realization of The Universe in Harmony, In Joy, In Love. Many happy days and moments of service and creation, truly unending, lie before our immortality together. Together to Great Jehovih, shall we be wed, to each other, and to the All One.


She then touched my face in tenderness and new energies of love, light, and of wondrous harmony passed between us.

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