May 18, 2024
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others OUR CREATOR IS April 10, 2010

Essora, part 2


We are taught by those great angels to give the Supreme a name, and we, in thus naming the All, utter some of the basic vibrations of which He is composed. Jehovih, that sacred name, is in itself prismatic, capable of being split into consonants so interior and holy that their colour rays vibrate in creative fiats as they are uttered by angel or mortal; although the greater the grade and unfoldment of either angel or mortal, the greater the power inresponse to the utterance. This superlative force is the All Positive -Negative, the centreand being of All Life. Behold Its symbol there upon our Altar, we write His Presence thus within our hearts, and by that Presence do we live, we Faithists, consciously as parts of Him.Enhancing our consciousness, hy that very limitless thought, can we thus lift ourselves beyond the confines of finite Time, and live in the Infinite — becoming eternally consciousparts — knowing that, symbolically, each one of us is as a nerve-end in the Body of theWhole. So do we live, and labour; think and learn; grow in the light and serve — weFaithists — within a non-limiting, satisfying Truth. Thus we know that all else —all lesserbeliefs, are but parts, and we strive to express a simple axiom — " The part can not be greater than the whole."The religions of Humanity, upon this planet in the day each shine in their effort to expressthe Ideal, even as facets upon a cut diamond shine in the sunshine. They each have a different angle of approach, so that each prismatic differ entiation takes on, spiritually,indeed, a different hue, or colour-ray. The result is a beautiful gem in the Heavens. As this little Star travels in her Roadway in the Family of the Sun, her bound heavens appear beautiful in those spiritual facets, striving to blend once more with the Light Celestial of the Etherean Surround. The Faithist worships only the Source of that Light Celestial — which gives all beauty — which is beauty in its supernal simplicity and purity.In comparison, the "form conception" or "antthro morphic" conception of the Diety, of modern Western thought, becomes infantile when Man considers the Unity of the Whole.The Brahmic conception is much wider. It envisages the earth, the sky, the abode ofspirits, and the Nirvanic states beyond as a Unity. Yet it is still limiting. One should remember that man of that day had a much smaller scientific knowledge of the Cosmos on'which to build up his spiritual thoughts, ideas and ideals. The Kosmon Conception was yet to come, in the age now upon us; in the meantime, the metaphysical age emerged,and had its day, still has, to a great extent, with its soul-deterring ramifications.Yet, as inevitably as the suns and planets move in their orbits, and travel in solarroadways, so inevitably does the small earth move into her Kosmon Era, move into belts ofmore intense spiritual sunshine, that a still newer growth shall come upon her. Gradually,so very gradually, but surely, the shibboleths and inadequacies of the past, the effect conceptions of a more infantile age of thought are being replaced by the interpenetrations of the higher mind; are becoming transmuted by the enfilling light of omniscience. The clouds of uncertainty are being pierced by the light of the latter-day intensities. It is as the break of a newer dawn. And what is the message of this newer day?It is primarily, as a grand priority, a heralding of know ledge, world-embracing knowledge,of the indwelling Light. Do we not realise that Man is a complexity of expression of that in dwelling, of that immanence? Firstly, he is endowed by his Maker with the fivefundamental senses, hearing taste, smell, sight and touch. By virtue of the mind, part ofthe All Mind within him does he use those senses. By the mind, yes, for it is only by asound mind in a sound body that the full use of those senses can be appreciated. But Man has another gift, most precious, from the Almighty. It is sometimes latent, but mostly active in some degree or other; and that gift is of paramount importance. It is the sixth sense of intuition or apperception.

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