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Everything Oahspe - About Oahspe About Oahspe - Wing Anderson's Preface to Oahspe January 15, 2010

Wing Anderson's Preface to Oahspe
Origin of Oahspe with hints to the reader

OAHSPE is the most astonishing book in the English language.OAHSPE means sky, earth and spirit and is the title to a new bible given to the worldin the year 1881. Although this book is over half a century old, has had two editions andmany printings in the U.S., three editions and many printings in England, it is little known bythe bible reading public.
      Strange as the book itself, is the account of its birth. A graduate in both medicine anddentistry, Dr. John B. Newbrough was also gifted with astonishing extra sensory perception.For many years his hobby was psychic research. Many of the foremost mediums of a halfcentury ago were guests in his home, and were put through their paces in the efforts of Dr.Newbrough to determine the truth or falsity of spirit phenomena. After several years playingaround with various mediums, the good doctor became disgusted with the vacuity of thethings they told him while under spirit influence.
      Convinced that he was contacting out-of-the-body intelligences, he was also disgustedwith the low grade of intelligence displayed by them. A sincere seeker after spiritual light,Dr. Newbrough was impressed with the thought that he should become pure himself if hewould attract the attention of the type of spirit intelligence he sought to commune with. Theyears between 1871 and 1881 were spent in spiritual purification during which time hebecame aware of spiritual guidance. Instructed to purchase - but must not read what he waswriting until it was completed. At the end of a year when the manuscript was completed, hewas instructed to read and publish the book titled OAHSPE, a New Bible.
      OAHSPE purports to have been written at the command of God, who states that He isnot the Creator but is simply chief executive officer (similar to our President of the U.S.) forour planet earth. He explains who the Creator is and also makes clear the difference betweenLord, Lord God, God and Creator. This strange book informs us that the world entered a newera in the year 1848, how the new ear is different from those which preceded it and whatchanges will come to humanity within the next few years.
      Dr. George Lawton of Columbia University recently made a study to discover themost important questions to youngsters from 14 to 18. Their questions, arranged in order offrequency of asking: Why are we born, what use is life? What makes people unkind, selfish,ect.? What is platonic love, true love? Is there a God? Is there such a thing as reincarnation?What happens to us (our souls) after we die? Why should there be wars, and why do peoplego to war? Why does a new scene seem to have happened before? What makes the worldrotate and why don't we feel it? Why must man worship something? Not only is everyquestion in their list answered, in this book which can justly be termed the Miracle of aCentury, but answers will also be found to every spiritual, intellectual and economic questionman is capable of asking.
      OAHSPE is made up thirty-six covering the history of the planet, the history of thehuman race, the history of every major religion, past and present, an analysis of today andprophecy for tomorrow.
      Christian peoples have been praying for centuries, "Thy kingdom come, Thy will bedone, on earth as it is in heaven." without knowing what God's will is either or in heaven orwhat His kingdom is like. OAHSPE gives a full and complete description of many of theheavens of the earth with a picture of God's kingdom and the statement of when and how this kingdom will come to earth. In some form, directly or implied the Kingdom of Heaven, theMillennium, the Fifth Monarchy, the Theocratic Commune, the Social Commonwealth orwhatever you wish to call it, is an essential feature of every bible in existence. In no otherbook or bible will so clear a picture be found of the golden days of peace and plenty to beinherited by our children as will be found in OAHSPE.
      One of the strangest books in this strange volume is one titled Cosmogony andProphecy. This book tells what light, heat, electricity, gravity, etc. are, what causes them,what holds planets in their places, gives the many cycles of time used by the ancients in theirtables of prophecy, tells of relativity, curvature of space, lens effect of a planet's atmosphereand other recent discoveries of our astro physicists.
      Another book, of the thirty-six books contained in OAHSPE, gives the keys to ancientlanguages and many of the rituals used in ancient secret orders.
      A book titled "Discipline" gives a method of developing spiritual powers, propheticabilities and extra sensory perceptions.
      Almost a century ahead of its time came this book OAHSPE. In the educational fieldwe find that recent discoveries in education and psychology were all foretold and a method ofchild training was given which all progressive educators are endeavouring to put into practice.Strange indeed, would it have been, if God had not given humanity an answer to thecountless questions born of these perilous times. After a study of OAHSPE to watch thepresent world-wide transfiguration scene is like seeing a play, the theme, treatment andconclusion of which is familiar.
      The object of OAHSPE is not to supplant the former Bibles, nor Vedas nor othersacred books; nor is OAHSPE a revision or compilation of any of them; but it is a New Bible.It is rather a Bible comprising the causes of all other Bibles, with revelations of the heavensalso. Other Bibles have been for a tribe or race of people only; this one is for all the races andpeoples on the earth, showing how the former sacred books were parts of one stupendous planof our Father for bestowing light upon mortals. Through OAHSPE we learn why the Chinesebecame Confucians, why the Hindoos became Brahmins and Buddhists and why the westernmigratory people became Jews and Christians. In OAHSPE we find the necessity for thisRevelation, which provides for the fellowship of all peoples. It is also the only Bible thatreveals the affairs of the angels of heaven, what they do, how they live and travel and theparts that many of them play with mortals; in fact it reveals to us a heaven worth living for.
      The reading of OAHSPE is an undertaking worthy of the most assiduous care. It is nota book for the casual, superficial reader but for the earnest, persistent seeker of light.
      With humble but firm assurance, the following is offered as a correct method of study:BEGIN AT THE FIRST PAGE and READ CHAPTER BY CHAPTER. The threebooks titled Cosmogony and Prophecy, Saphah, and Bon's Book of Praise may be omitted atthe first reading of OAHSPE and reserved for later assimilation.
      Do not skip around in OAHSPE in an effort to secure a "general idea" of the contents.When this is attempted, a state of confusion results which is detrimental to a trueunderstanding of the contents.
      OAHSPE is a book of spiritual light and truth. It is also a historical record. It ispresented in such form that each chapter is dependent for part of its meaning on chapterspreceding. Failure to follow this vital narrative in its given sequence leads to gravemisunderstanding of the text. Where the books are superimposed read the topmost oneentirely through and then the lower one immediately afterward. Upper books pertain toheavenly history. Lower books contain contemporaneous earth history.
      OAHSPE is pronounced O as in o'clock, AH as in father, and SPE as in speak.On a hundred fields of eager research science is making, or about to make discoveriesthat proclaim OAHSPE as the ultimate textbook of Perfected Science.

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