July 20, 2024
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others DEATH IS A BRIDGE TO LIFE February 21, 2010

Death is a bridge across which all must pass to enter life. Death is a cloak that is
tossed aside to reveal the raiment of the new. Death is a gateway to the stars, and
suns, and to the hosts whose praises rise in triumph and humility to the Most High,
who has given light and darkness, both of which are beautiful. Death is a torch
illuminating the night. Death is a glory as truly as life for all who recognize that it is a
beginning to which there is no end. You cannot judge death by what it leaves behind,
for it transcends itself. Death is a bridge, a gate, a cloak, a shell, a husk, a way
through which the fearless find new hope that nothing can dispel. Do not try to
unsnarl the riddle of my words, nor seek answers beyond the depth of their meaning.
Simply accept this step, which leads to a new unfoldment for you all. Each shall be
guided. Each shall find the way out of the night into eternal day. You who are here
shall build more quickly now, aware of forces that you cannot touch, aware of beauty
that you cannot see, aware of music that evades the ear, aware of wonder that
delights the soul. Death is a word; life is a love. Death is a bridge; life is a journey.
Death is a dream; life is an awakening. Death is a dusk; life is a dawn. The cocoon is
gone, but the butterfly shall emerge as lovely as your love, as vivid as your light, as
gentle as your thoughts, as kindly as your words, and as graceful and enduring as
your indomitable strength.
RADIANCE, The Eloists