January 19, 2022
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Special Corner - Ken Mills My Vision February 15, 2010

Original Date: 03-14-2004

Here it is Art, do what you wish with it. Ken.

It has always intrigued me how a name of a place or person can invoke memories, our heart and minds can be changed in an instance and so I wish to report this story of mine a short but vivid state of mind this morning.
I awoke this morning very early yet wide-awake and an impulse to get up and sit before my simple alter and receive what ever but sure there was something in the wind. The sun was up and a wonderful day beckoned.
I had not been in my meditation long or so it seemed when I was surrounded with a multi colour cloud and lifted up slowly and gentle and also along a ray like a roadway of electric Blue a most beautiful colour that made me feel attuned to all that was around be.
I seemed to travel some distance to a scene where there were various paths leading into a haze and with the feeling that I had to choose my path, funny when I think of this as I have been searching for my path for years and each time have been directed to another after a time.
Anyway I chose the path that was lined with tall trees I think they were Norfolk Pine and always feel at peace when in their strong trunks.
After some distance a huge door appeared, when I say huge I mean beyond comprehension and it too looked solid and above all sense of proportion when compared with the giant trees I had travelled through so my mind was at a loss to fathom this scene with my mortal intelligence.
As this cloud that I am still enveloped in drifted to this door it started to open, ever so slowly and beyond was this hall of equal proportion to the door. I began to wonder what other surprises lay before me. Along this hall on both side appeared what was like a moving film of people. All of them I recognised well some of them as those who had been great Musicians, Scientist, Doctors, Authors, Artist and those who had created inventions and other matters that had helped mankind. I did not see any faces of those who had done mortal harm.
The ceiling that was of great height seemed to be a revolving range of the Big White Fluffy Clouds that inhabit the New Zealand Skies and from where the name Land of the Long White Cloud arose.
Here and there without any special sequence there appeared streaks of the electric Blue I had seen earlier. As I moved slowly along the hall I had the feeling that at some point I would meet or see something that would change my life, though why I should be chosen to view this beautiful and strange scene I could not at the time bother to think about in fact was not even conscious of any earthly impressions other than wonderment.
After awhile the hall narrowed and several other more normal doors began to line the walls, each seem to have a number though I could not see what. Outside each door was an Angel at least that is the only way I can describe the figure of beauty. I began to wonder which door I might be entering, so after some fifty or more doors the cloud that surrounded me dropped away as if I had taken my coat of, before me the number on the door was 000. I could not help but think of its meaning, at least to me with my understanding of Numerology.
The Angel opened the door and away in the corner stood a large desk and a man of large size sat with a pen in hand and a book before him. I suddenly felt the first pian of fear and yet I could also feel the flow of love and friendship flowing from this man.
I was offered a chair and then after pause the man asked who I thought he was, well apart from my father who I have always hoped to meet again some day I had only one other man who had stayed in my thoughts for many years and I said Mr Newbough. There was a period of silence and then a hand was offered to me which took and felt a strange energy run through my body. As I write this I have to wonder what this may mean to others, but for me it is a turning point and the energy is I know the drive I needed to do what I have to do without any feelings of remorse, resentment or other feelings we tend to get when embarking on something we feel the urge to do.
Dr. Newbough asked if I felt the need to cry, I could not fully understand why he asked that other than it might release some hidden feeling, but I said no I would rather laugh as I had not been doing much of that of late.
He then explained that I might inform others that while many had strange thoughts about parts of Oahspe, it was a natural response and no one should worry about that but that we would be better to concern ourselves in the continued promotion of Oahspe in anyway possible and that its keys would be turned in a even stranger way than the book itself.
I felt a deep sense of love coming from his voice and also privileged to have this experience, but could and still cannot understand why me.
I would like to say more about this but at the moment that is all I can recall, as there was no fancy exit, just after I bade farewell and passed through the door I found myself in a daze and feeling very tired.

Ken Mills

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