January 19, 2022
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Special Corner - Ken Mills My secret Garden February 27, 2010

My Secret Garden.

I would like to tell you a story that not many have had the privilege to know yet it is open to those who care to seek.
I must take you back in time so as you can better appreciate the secret. Most of you would like me have spent your early years in a Town or maybe a City where trees were not plentiful other than in a local park like surrounding. Then you would not be able to enjoy the majesty of the huge forest that are situated way out of town for most people. On my travels around the world I went through many such forest and was always impressed by the power they seemed to give of.
It was only when I came to live in New Zealand that I came closer to these giant outpourings of nature in their raw state. When you leave any town or city in this country you automatically drive through roads that cut there way through these giant forests with trees on both sides and often high enough to cut out the sunlight there are many favourite parts that seem like entrance to a Cathedral or a special sanctuaries created by nature. I am sure many of you have swung you arms around a tree and felt that bit closer to their power.
I was also involved in my work building the machinery that cut this wonderful specialism into planks and onto furniture and timber for homes throughout the world.
At times this involved going to the Timber Mill to assembly these dangerous machines that have giant saws that cut these logs and travel at high speeds that let sodden chips and sawdust fly all over you, it is the final end for these once great living species of Nature.
Now when I came to Whakatane to live I was even closer to the Forrest and my back garden is alongside one of these Forrest. I have always no matter where I lived even in a high rise in Toronto thrown out bread and tit bits for birds and any other animals that were around. I continued this practice daily here in Whakatane and slowly more and more animals came to visit and trust me, it was as though a message went out to all kinds that one does not normally see. Then I began to see shapes appear among the trees, I could not at first distinguish them but slowly they took shape as little people, well I had always believed in the Fairies but they only live in the big gardens where they are waterfalls and pools and loads of pretty flowers, so I was amazed to see these little folk appear. Can you begin to imagine the surprise and wonder that I felt?
Well it took time and patience to communicate with them, first because they did not speak as we would but uttered sounds and much display such as dancing around in circles, there did not seem to be any leader but there was some kind of order that of course I could not understand but all at once they would disappear as though there were some danger and then maybe reappear though I could never bank on it of course.
After a few weeks I began to se more and more of these little people as I like to call them, now maybe they are Elves I am not sure of they are the same. But they display a strange aura when they gather round the trees and dance at least they is what it seems to me they are doing but on the other hand it could be a ritual of some sort for they certainly seem able to communicate with the trees. Here in New Zealand the Maori easily accept that the River, Lakes, Mountains the Trees and Land all have spirits. They always offer prayers whenever they take anything from these natural resources and in fact at the moment we have a very important discussion on these very resources concerning this Maori understanding.
So I see no problem with these little people among these giant trees and maybe they are only seen among the forest as it protects them.
Here in New Zealand there is strict control over the replanting of timber so as to keep our forest green and living. The question I would have to ask is that we see the continued destruction of the forest in many parts of the world and wonder if that contributes to the seemingly regular flooding around the world. Well its time to visit the feeding bowl I have set up and see if they approve of my telling this little story.
Love to you all Ken

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