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Special Corner - Spirit Dove My bout with cancer January 18, 2010

It is rare for me to speak of myself but in this case, I am   inspired to speak out since cancer is so rampant, affecting so many   people, in so many ways. Perhaps my thoughts and observations can be of   some help.

Cancer can, and does strike indiscriminately. You do not   necessarily have to be in ill health to become a victim. It seems to me   from my research that it has more to do with diet than anything else.

Cancer seems to be more prevalent in societies that have an   abundance of processed food, with little exposure to `natural'   sources of vitamins and minerals. The human body is an amazing organism   and is capable of defending itself from almost all invasions, so long as   it is provided with the necessary tools, in this case vitamins and   minerals.

So much of what we purchase today has been messed with   (mostly for financial gain in one form or another) from the time it is a   seedling to the time it is offered to the public for consumption. Rarely   are we allowed to receive `natural' food, and if it IS offered,   the price is ridiculously inflated.

Before I proceed with any further comments, I feel impelled   to submit a disclaimer in order to protect myself; I am not a medical   doctor nor do I present this submission in order to advise anyone what   they should or should not do concerning the subject matter. I am,   however, qualified from the standpoint that I have (and am) experiencing   cancer first hand and I have come to some basic conclusions, which are   mine and mine alone.

There is no `quick fix' for cancer, it is an   insidious, destructive force, and it is present in all forms of life if   the organism cannot stave it off by its own defenses. That is why it is   imperative that everyone make sure that they are receiving all that the   body requires; this is not so easy in societies that will not provide it   through their monetary exchanges, opting monetary gain over the welfare   of its people.

There are so many ails in the world today that I doubt that   anything I say will have much, if any, impact upon the subject BUT, if   YOU, as an individual, will take the time to consider my words and take   YOUR life and health into your own hands, you CAN (in my opinion) not   only stop but reverse cancer.

Make it a point to locate sources of `natural'   foods, even if it means growing your own on a small scale, or perhaps   forming group gardens to share the expense, work, and benefits of a more   healthful diet.

Look into the bodies needs, I'm not a physician, nor am   I a dietician but I KNOW, beyond any doubt that the basic requisite for   a healthy body it to provide it with its needs, which includes exercise,   pure water, and a good environment.

While you are looking into this, it might be well that you   look into the natural sources of the so-called vitamin B-17, or laetrile   as is sometimes called. I do not necessarily advocate its use but it   DOES seem to hold great merit in the prevention and irradiation of   cancer. I would have used it myself had I realized early on that my   colon was infected but there just simply was not enough time to reverse   the cancers growth. I was left no other option than to proceed with the   so-called medical professionals approach to its removal. I would never   wish upon anyone what I have had to endure because of this decision.

Having said all this, I hope it will be of some value to   you; it is never too late to begin to take care of yourself and (in my   opinion) sidestep cancers hold. ALL things can be changed or altered   given the tools to do so. Give yourself a fighting chance NOW, before   cancer finds a foothold within your members.

Since this is a `spiritual' site, I would be remiss   if I didn't put in my two cents regarding the spiritual aspects upon   the subject; all things are spiritual as a point in fact, nothing is   strictly material.

All of my life I have heard people saying such things as:   "Why did this happen to me? What have I done to deserve this?"   or such things as "If it is Gods Will such and such" or "An   act of God!" or perhaps, "I am blessed (or cursed, as the case   may be)." What utter nonsense these concepts are!

Neither the Creator, God, the Lords, nor the angels serving   them have anything whatsoever to do with the matter. As it has been   said: "Rain falls upon both the just and the unjust." This is a   wise and insightful statement! Neither our Father nor those that serve   Him, have any desire to intervene in the lives of mortals. It is up to   us to avoid the pitfalls of both our corporeal as well as our spiritual   existence; that is part of our responsibility.

While the foregoing statement is true, there are always   exceptions. In very rare cases, angels have been commissioned from the   `Godhead' to assist mortals on an individual level but it's   extremely rare and it's never for self-sake nor for individual   aggrandizement and they never make their presence known to the mortal   subject. The angels of the Godhead nearly always come in groups, serving   groups. This is a prime rule of heaven that must be followed. If you   hear someone say that God did this or that, they are usually mistaken.

Generally speaking, few people understand that we are   immersed in a sea of souls; souls (spirits or angels, either term   applies) that have been born out of corporality and haven't   sufficiently developed to inhabit places external to the earth- plane and   therefore remain, to the most part, within our proximity.

It is these `bound' spirits that we deal with from   the day of our corporeal birth to the day of our spiritual birth. These   spirits inspire and direct us in our every action throughout our   corporal lives. It is to these spirits that we need attribute our   prayers as having being answered for it is they who cause the unseen to   become manifest; it is they that are attracted to those of us who hold   things in common with them, whatsoever that may be. In this case, like   DOES attract like.

If you will think about it for a moment, you will realize   that the vast majority of spirits being born into the realm of spirit   (corporeal death) in this era do not rise above the earth plane and that   is chiefly why there is so much confusion upon earth. It is caused by   their diverse and often times confused state of existence.

If you consider the kinds of people who presently reside   with us, they range from all aspects; from highly intelligent to   unbelievably stupid, from God-fearing to downright evil. You will   realize too that these self same kinds of people are those who surround   us in spirit. Just the act of dying does not alter ones personality or   demeanor one iota.

All things come to us from without; we, in our current   condition, are impotent and without effect, whereas the spirits that   surround us are potent and have considerable power over our environment.

The only true salvation that we, who are yet confined to our   corporeal stature possess, is the ability to decide and choose what   inspiration and/or information we wish to accept from the multitude that   comes to us every moment of our lives. We have freedom of choice!

We have the power to choose virtually every aspect of our   lives and are, therefore responsible for whatsoever we make of   ourselves. You have the choice of where you live, what you eat, what you   wear, the company you keep, the kind of person you wish to personify and   even what and how you wish to worship and the list goes on and on. The   Father has given you complete freedom in all these things and you are   therefore accountable for what you make of yourself.

While it is true that neither the Creator, His God, the   Lords nor the angels that serve them will ever inspire us into darkness   and strife, it IS very possible that the bound spirits CAN, and often DO   cause strife and havoc among mortals but know too that they shall pay   dearly for their deeds in time to come. Nothing in heaven or upon earth   goes unrewarded or unpunished in the aggregate. Remember this too in   your own life and dealings.

Have I personally been invaded by disenchanted spirits? Who   knows, perhaps, but I doubt it. I would rather choose to believe that my   problems stem from poor choices and bad judgment by not providing my   temple with the right materials to ward off my cancer. Because of my   staunch belief in the Great Spirit, it could be that there are those who   would do me ill. I pray for their sake that it is not so, even though I   have already forgiven them.

I guess it really doesn't matter so long as I (and those   who are inflicted by these lowly spirits) maintain a strong faith in the   Ever Present Creator and those who serve Him. He is, and always shall be   our sure foundation through all things, both on earth and within the   limitless expanses of the heavens that lie before us. Never blame or   condemn the Hands that Created you and those who only offer love and   peace through out their tenure of servitude unto the ALL ONE.

Love eternally,

Spirit Dove & Wandering Star

Addendum to "My bout with cancer"

It is my sincere wish to help others faced with the dire challenges of confronting cancer (and similar maladies) to find healthful, and natural alternatives for its treatment, rather than be confronted with the horrific and invasive approach commonly practiced today, this is why I have written these two epistles.

Again, as with my first writing, I submit the following to protect myself from a mischievous populace:

Before I proceed with any further comments, I feel impelled to submit a disclaimer in order to protect myself; I am not a medical doctor nor do I present this submission in order to advise anyone what they should or should not do concerning the subject matter. I am, however, qualified from the standpoint that I have (and am) experiencing cancer first hand and I have come to some basic conclusions, which are mine and mine alone.

Just today, I came into possession of a booklet, entitled "The Essiac Handbook," and I am impressed with it to the point that I feel it should be shared with those who are inspired to consider my words; I am therefore making its presence known herewith.

It would seem to me that since the contents are specific as to what herbs, and in what quantities they should be combined, that it should be ‘free' for republication, at least in part BUT that is not the case. It contains an ‘iron-clad' copyright and therefore I cannot quote even parts of it but it is (in my opinion) well worth your effort to locate and obtain a copy. If what it reveals is true, and I believe it is, this could be a Godsend to anyone confronted with virtually any kind of malady, including cancer.

The booklet of which I speak of is copyrighted 1994 by James Percival; It was published in the United Kingdom with permission by: Credence Publications - Tonbridge - Kent TN 12 9zy - UK, the ISBN # is 0-9535012-6-4. Since it only contain 26 pages, I doubt that it is particularly expensive but it is worth whatever you have to pay.

Following is a bibliography and reading list as given from this source. I hope I don't get into trouble by listing them.

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