December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Charles Lowson Mountains of Mourne February 15, 2010

Tune Mountains Of Mourne
Come leave for a moment this world full of strife
The tensions and troubles that darken our life.
Let peace, love and harmony in our minds reign,
As we lift up our thoughts to a spiritual plane
Let us seek that communion when soul speaks to soul
When the mourner finds comfort and the sick are made whole
We will find the assurance that all is so grand,
When we link with our friends in the bright Summerland.
The world of the spirit is not far away
It's around and about as we work out each day
Our friends do not leave us, there happy to tell
Of that wonderful place where someday we will dwell
Where the souls evolution is the measure of might
And service to others the source of delight.
"Tis the coin of the spirit perfection as planned
By the Source of all Life in that bright Summerland

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