February 20, 2024
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others Attunement April 19, 2010


with the Universal SunThis vision begins with me kneeling in the sands before The Golden Pyramid ofPower. As before, it is situated before an oasis of water among very tall palm treesin a sandy desert. As I look upward towards it, the spiritual symbol of The WingedSun, a golden globe flanked by a pair of wings, hovers before me. I follow it into thepyramid. I then feel hands take hold of my robe and we are ascending to somehigher place or chamber. In an instant, I find myself in a room lit by The GoldenGlobe of Glory, suspended in the air, radiant, bright, divine. Encircling it are myselfand scores of other members of this spiritual gathering. I feel or perceive that withinthis globe, are the Essence of the Universe, Absolute Sacredness and Peace. Isense that each member is attuning to this Energy Wondrous or Living Spirit oftheGreat Spirit. Our Path of Destiny and Awareness is aligning now with our TrueLife's Mission , in mortal lands and in the Planes of Es. A fulfilling sense of our trueworth and purpose is dawning within ourselves, and that somehow we are allconnected and interdependent on each other to achieve what is to be achieved in theName of the Great Spirit. My guide next to me speaks:Emanations from the Holy Spirit Eternal now flow from the Center of the Universe, asrealized through the Golden Globe of Glory. This Fundamental Etheric Energy maybe attuned to through the Star Soul Centers that reside in your heart and mind, yet intruth, the greatest attunement in full potency can only be achieved in Unity ofPurpose with your fellow Brothers and Sisters of Immortality. Learn then now, tocreate and maintain these Channels of Light for the benefit of all in your lives. Yourkeys for this are within yourself, within your worlds, and wonders of beauty. Nomatter where you are nor what you may be doing, never lose this connection with theEver-Present. Each and every person can join with anotherin UniversalConvergence Harmonious, that is the Oneness in All, the Oneness inOne Spirit. We do not leave you at this time nor at any time, for we all now allgathering in the Great Communion of Souls, The Universal Sun, that is Eternal Life,and the Love of Heaven.


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