May 18, 2024
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Special Corner - Spirit Dove Lord of my Region January 18, 2010

Lord of my region and division, your wisdom and guidance are beyond my scope of understanding.

It is only of late that I have begun to understand the system and order of Jehovih's universe.

I am grateful and respectful for the work put upon your soul.

Thank you for your guidance, and for the light that you bestow upon me; your unworthy subject.

In Jehovih's time, and in His way, we shall all grow and mature to know His Will. Blessed are you that you serve Him as you do.

I am admonished at your wisdom and power. I fain from opening my mouth before such servitude unto our Creator. How can I ever attain to your high estate?

Thank you my elder brother for your presence before our world and I bid you strength to overcome the darkness of men.

Spirit Dove

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