December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Ken Mills West Minister Abby December 07, 2012

Just letting of steam.


I wonder how many English folk know of the contents within and even outside the glorious structure of West Minister Abby in the city of London.

There are countless people buried under its floors, in the many isles among the elaborate stone monuments, many decorated with poetry or other chosen words, some to the past work or endeavors of the person entombed. The list of people are all related to the upper class structure as established over the centuries. Not one of the common man is noted. Many associated with the Abby had even paid for the privilege.

While there are many other such Religious buildings throughout world all with their respective history, and I have had the good fortune to visit many of them they each also carry much that is never mentioned namely the bloodshed in the years leading up to the various take overs of the different religious factions.

Another truth that is never mentioned is that all religion came from Pagan begging’s and still practice many of their rituals. What is this story leading up to, well the simple fact that all religion is the biggest scam ever forced onto the world’s people?

The Catholic Church spread its early Pagan teachings around the world by sheer brute force, than was handed the simple story of the young man we call Jesus and built it into the Christianity of today. Of course there was the big division when King Henry the 8th split from Rome so he could marry yet another wife, or nearly so as its hold it still very strong due to the soul destroying fear of the penalties it imposes on those who steer from its teachings.

The history of the Catholic Church is and is still one of the biggest scandals among the history of man. Many could buy indulgence from their sins and no doubt can still do. Not only is it the wealthiest of all business but one of the most corrupt.

Its power runs throughout most governments and prayer will surface in the most unlikely places. Another aspect associated with this is the many Royal Families? Scattered around the world all claiming something called Royal Blood lines. This also is only brought about by force and in England we have the greatest of them all The Windsor Royal Family. No matter that they are made up of the biggest mixture of nationalities you can find, just so as they maintain this corrupt blood line?. They like the practice of religion have spread out like the Octopus with so many defunct bodies that are supported by the tax payer.

Yet a much older fallacy that is also a part of though maybe less seen or understood, is the couple of early Jews who decided in those very early days that the Jewish race were Gods Chosen people. They have suffered ever since. On the other hand they do control most Banking and therefore the world.

Well I do not mind if you spread this around as I feel the story should be told Ken. 7/12/2012


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