December 07, 2022
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Special Corner - Richard Rowley Mrs. Osborne Leonard, Margery Crandon and EVP/ITC January 16, 2010

It seems that those in the world of spirit were forecasting EVP and ITC as far back as the 1920's. Warren Clarke, a former journalist working for Lord Northcliffe and colleague of medium, author and researcher H. Dennis Bradley, came through in a séance with Mrs. Osborne Leonard on January 25th, 1926 and said:
" There is going to be a great upheaval. Doyle has written a lot about it, but it is not as bad as people think. It will be much more of a spiritual and mental nature; connected with the elements.
There will be great manifestations from our side. You will be able to see and hear us. There will be a great effort to show the world once and for all that we do exist. The ordinary people will get glimpses. You will perhaps have been sitting in the morning and find people talking to us. It will be a great blessing. If I stood in front of you, you would be delighted; there will be one great force of power. It will be a happy and glorious time for those who understand. You will have to go out and explain to the multitude, and take fear away from them. You will be among the teachers. It will be a wonderful time.
I am still studying light and sound. I am learning how the wave lengths of light and sound alter when they come on to your plane. Yours shorten - ours lengthen. It is very difficult to measure distance, for distance is not always the same. When you understand our lower floor you will have drawn nearer to our plane. The place between will shrink. Thoughts correct. It is nearer now than it was ten years ago. Ours is solid planet; but more spiritual than yours. We walk on material ground; we do not live on mental condition only, but our matter is more refined than yours."
Talking of Dennis Bradley's father, who died a year before, Warren said: "He is tremendously interested in meeting people he used to know and like when he was on your side. He likes to talk to them and conjure up wonderful pictures of what he used to do when he was on earth."

Around the same time, Walter Stinson, Margery Crandon's guide in the Boston seances, was talking about the electro-magnetic nature of our reality, and then in the 1930s Maryla de Chrapowicki published her studies in "Spectro-Biology" and "The Pulsatory Theory of Light."

She wrote: "Basically, all physical bodies are made up of electro-magnetic points of energy or "elements" in their most subtle state of rarefication; health of a body is a proof of their ionic equilibrium and the maintenance of that equilibrium depends on a harmonious and rhythmic circulation of that dynamic energy.......Energy, be it electricity, magnetism, light, color or what not, must possess a certain degree of substantiality in order to produce an impression. Light is material and acts in a dual manner simultaneously, both as particles and as waves."

This early research led to the work of Hiroshi Motoyama, Valerie Hunt, Robert Becker and many others in the area of electro-magnetism and the aura, and the present research into the nature of consciousness and the non-local mind, while in the field of spirit communication, as Mark Macy and Pat Kubis have mentioned, independent direct voices were first recorded on a phonograph in Siberia back in 1901. In 1941 wire and tape recorders came into being and mediums such as Leslie Flint began to record his "ectoplasmic" voices regularly. Then with Juergenson and Raudive and George Meek and Bill O'Neil recording the voices independently on tape, and subsequently on television and computers, EVP and ITC came into being.

This technology is helping us demonstrate and prove to millions round the world that "There is no death," as Tom and Lisa Butler have aptly entitled their book. Those living beyond are now working as hard as we are here to perfect ITC and we shall continue to work with our mediums, of course, since we ourselves are not robots or machines, but, as one communicator has said, "you are spirits living on the earth."

Richard Rowley

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