January 19, 2022
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Special Corner - Ken Mills Languaged in Fulness. As with Rangi the Skyfather November 19, 2012

Language in its Fullness. As with Rangi, the Sky Father

While we daily use language to communicate with life around us in asking for help, seeking knowledge, and a host of other uses, we fail to appreciate the beauty and wide range of means of expression it offers us.

I use it to express my emotions and thoughts into Poetry and Stories of many kinds. It can also be used as an expression through Dance, Music and all forms of Artistic expression as the Maori does in Dance and the wonderful carvings around New Zealand that as symbols tell us of the history and the many legends also the Tattoos that many carry telling of their tribal back ground. I feel it is a pity that so many have taken to have them for decoration.

My recent search into Mythic stories also found its use in every other land in this often misunderstood deeper expression of the older people of this world. Not only are the tales rich in there portrayal of an individual’s dreamtime but also the landscape and its richness of many years ago.

Remember the Maori had no written language until early in the 19th century.

Another aspect I have found is how common these stories are though in several time periods and languages.

I quote just two Maori writers Ranapiri and Hone Tuwhare.

I would hope that more people would recognize the wonderful asset language provides us with and use it in a richer way than the often vulgar way many do these days.

Graffiti one of today’s endeavours by many of the young to deface walls and buildings and costly to eradicate can also be used as we see in many towns to give colour to many unkempt walls or buildings.

Perhaps a place to explore this more would be in the Marae and our schools and even College.  

 Ken Mills.     17/11/2012

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