July 20, 2024
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others By brother zero 1980 February 22, 2010

by Brother Zero



After the physical life is ended, man continues his existence in the
so-called invisible world. Here he finds a higher type of universe
differing from the physical with which he was familiar ・yet he is
aware that there is a similarity. Forms exist; objects have shape; he
can see people as he saw them on earth; but there is a difference. He
notices that whereas on earth he saw before him and wherever he directed
his gaze, now it seems that he can see everywhere around him, before and behind, to right and to left, all at the same time. This is
because he is not dependent upon the eyes of his spiritual body but
instead registers the vibrations of everything with which he is
surrounded, i.e. the etheric vibrations.
Modern science doubts the existence of a physical ether. Suppose we say
that ether is not physical but some manifestation of the Mind of the All
One, the Supreme Ever-Present, manifesting His Intelligence through all
forces of life. So the man who has passed through death gradually comes
away from the fixity of earth and its forms. He now lives in a world of
extraordinary change where everything, being more or less alive, seems
to be in the accordance with his ability to respond towards it.
The more we go into the interior of the grand realm of life, the more
personal things become. For instance, on earth, when you look at a
flower, it offers no response to your gaze, but in the world of the
spirit, it is different. As you look into the depths of a flower, it
responds to you and reveals a further beauty and a deeper expression of
the life within it. How much more this will be when, over there, you
meet other people, especially those you have loved. As you look at
them, there is a deep response; you understand one another in a way not
possible on earth; there is now a communion of soul. Even more
wonderful will it be when you gaze at some great angel who has come down
to your level to bless and to guide. What has caused this admittance
into the sanctuary of another's personality? It is the Power of the
All Mind which links us together at last as one.
The Kosmon Age will see gradually coming a religion in which this
knowledge has a big part to play. The march of progress spiritually
will mean that the old religion must change, even if slowly, as the mind
of man opens toward the illumination of the New Day. The gradual
involution of spiritual forces in every individual is becoming more and
more concise and will produce what we may term `soul
manifestations. ' The physical nerve plexuses act as a matrix upon
which the awakening spiritual body adheres. It has a psychic nexus
between the two which, in the present cycle of time and under the great
coming spiritual influences, is becoming more sensitive. The powers of
the spiritual worlds are opening and making a concord with the earth
plane. Men and women of vision are beginning to see the spiritual
behind or within the physical. Meanwhile psychic research is doing a
splendid job towards breaking down materialistic thought, and so many
different schools of thought will have to modify their views on the
origin and destiny of man.

If you are within an Angelic Spiritual Fellowship, the All Unity, then your
mind is already open to the New Light. You receive the influences of
the All Mind and your mind, as an individual unit, is linked with others
in the unity of the whole. You are linked especially with certain other
souls upon your ray or, to put it simply, your angelic overshadowers are
linked with you by a ray of light and thus can inspire and help you
towards health, strength, hope, knowledge and peace. They can the
better inspire you if your mind is focused towards theirs. In this, the
path of New Age Service and Worship is invaluable because it gradually
sets us free from the bondage of the physical world and lifts us into
realms of light wherein at last we come to know the spark of the
Father's Presence within us which is the One All Mind, the Unity of
the Whole.
from Kosmon Unity