July 20, 2024
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others Some Final Inspiration March 02, 2010

Some Final Inspiration


We also wander in spots of beauty, and they excel yours as our understanding of them does. You know we find here, ready to be perceived by our farther developed powers, colors you cannot see. What do you suppose is at the other side of the rainbow? What is beyond the partial arc of red and violet if not other vibrations which our eyes receive as color? Your eyes are not able to record them. You are unaware of beauty as wonderful as the heavenly dreams which, when you awaken, you are unable to find words to express, but which lies all about you. Do not doubt the word of the ultra terrestrial traveler who brings vague news of the glories among which we may live and by means of which we do our work. Powers whose existence is being suspected from many angles of research are in full growth here. But at last all returns to simplicity - to oneness - as the rainbow's colors are synthesized in white light.

Believe it; live it; and new light shall dawn. I have often told you this in varying words.

How simple the great fundamentals are - Love and Faith. They bring all else in their train. Could all activity and thought but be grounded in these, life would not be the slow, painful and ignorant process we so often must live through.

I am pressing to get a last message into your consciousness. The last for now. And it may well be that this particular means of communication will be given up. You have always known it to be like any other human intercourse, not final.

It has helped you and me. It has broadened life both ways. It has shown newly evolved powers in us both. But I need not warn you that you must receive your best teaching through your own Spirit of Truth. Suggestions such as these, coming from outside, are well enough. We are intended to help one another. But some get to rely on such messages; and if that occur, they are best discontinued. One should rely only on the Central light in one's own soul - the Spirit of Truth - the I AM in the individual. How many ways there are of stating the verity you think when you say the word GOD. HE, light of Lights, is what we try to approach. Our attempts seem futile and childish but they are neither futile nor childish when they are sincere. The first stumbling steps of babyhood are not futile. It is by means of them the man runs.

He shines for all, that great Light - for all at whatever degree of attainment. The Light of Love gives life to all. None are outside him. Not one can escape him - at last, - though in "time" they seem to shut away the Light. And never forget that the brother who shines "blue" to your "purple" is but a part, not separate from Him, nor from yourself.

I wonder if the step which I have already taken - the next-step-beyond - has not its clearest light turned toward letting us see Unity. Good. God. ALL-In-All.

But it is too great for words.

Only I begin to see that as Power is one, as Wisdom is one, as Love is one, so shall we all find, when vision is wholly unclouded by matter and our minds free of false belief - so we all shall be one.

The Next Beyond