January 19, 2022
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Special Corner - Ken Mills In my sight February 14, 2010

The latest writing of Waynes ended with a question, "Is the Creator forever to be in Disguise"
I find this an interesting question to put ones mind to, yes an invaluable item in this old body is the mind as without it, life would certainly be empty.
My thoughts on this is that I have always seen the Creator in all the beautiful things, like the Butterfly, the Bee and the flowers they serve each in the own way.
The Sun Set and the Sun Rise each become more beautiful and wonderful each day.
The rolling serf down at the beach indicating the power of the unseen yet potent force.
The smile from my neighbour who is slowly but surely dying from Cancer but has mind to live.
The many people who give their time to help others with little or no reward other than Love.
Those who offer to help in times of need when all is lost in the many disasters we face around the world.
Yes I can see the Creator in so many things if one cares to look and forget those dreadful words in the old bibles of a hard and vengeful God, those writers saw only the negative aspects that anyone can see in all things if they choose.
At this moment in our history we need more and more of the positive sightings of a loving Creator.

Blessings Ken

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