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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others Human Beings, Like Trees April 19, 2010

Human Beings, Like Trees

Human beings, like trees, grow from and upon the soil. The earth, like a wise parent, supplies the germ. I speak now of the original method:for now, men and trees propagate themselves, and, although the earth  still superintends the process, the method is improved. Like trees, also,do souls attract to, and assimilate with, themselves qualities of congenial substance from the organisms and from the atmosphere of universal Nature. You will observe that trees absorb vitality and substances from the earth and the atmosphere, which is generated by and thrown out from all the planets in space. And thus you see great giant-trees building themselves up — adding ton after ton of substance, limb, and leaf-without in the least diminishing the size or weight of the ground, which they so beautifully refine, refresh, and decorate! So it is with human souls. Minds absorb vitality and substances in general from the atmosphere, which is generated by and thrown from all the spiritual spheres. Therefore, you will perceive that there is a spiritual atmosphere within the material atmosphere. The soul feeds on the one; the body upon the other; until, by a refining process, they blend into ONE, whereby the spirit is made to increase in substance. And as you see trees growing without diminishing the earth, so you also see souls multiplying and building themselves up-bringing into the world new thoughts and new principles - without exhausting the spiritual FOUNT which they correspond to and represent.You will remember the exact analogy — that trees grow by attracting and assimilating to themselves the terrestrial atmosphere which is thrown from all the planets; and that souls grow, in a corresponding manner, by attracting and assimilating to themselves the celestial atmosphere which is thrown from all the spheres.Therefore, human minds, like trees, grow large and beautiful, or, like trees, remain sometimes small and deformed; strictly in accordance with their origin and subsequent situation.Minds possessing an equal amount of spiritual life, though of dissimilar temperaments, will be drawn to associate with each other.As there are hundreds of different types in this respect, so there are hundreds of different associations. Hence you perceive the entire naturalness of sects and institutions; the inevitableness of parties, clan ships, and isolated nations. The Harmonial Philosophy should teach the world, therefore, to shake hands over its multiform distinctions; to forget all uncharitableness, and draw a wet sponge over the records of all animosities.We come now to the practical conclusion — viz.: that human souls will accumulate spiritual substance, obtain the real elements of mental nutrition, in strict harmony with their individual aspirations. Those who aspire to Love will grow spiritually wealthy in Love; those who aspire after Knowledge will grow rich in the memory of Facts and Things; those who aspire unto Wisdom will increase in the perceptionand enjoyment of Principles and Generalizations! Therefore, is nature ever true to her children - giving Silver, and Iron, and Gold to those who seek. Silver is love; Iron is knowledge; Gold is wisdom. Just inproportion as these departments of mind are opened (by organization,culture, and situation) to the celestial atmosphere, within the common air, so will Love, and Knowledge, and Wisdom, increase the substance of the soul. This celestial air, in which the spirits delight to live and love, contains all the essential principles of human life and of mundane development. And as soon as these different departments of the soul begin to absorb and appropriate their congenial elements,then will you see an enlargement of the corresponding external portions. The external head will change and alter, and improve in its form and symmetry, in exact ratio with the interior alterations and improvements. If you seek a Knowledge of Facts and Phenomena,then your forehead will round out and widen. It will give you a brightlook, like expert lawyers or craftsmen, full of talent and cunning. If you seek Wisdom, then, in truth, "she shall give to thine head anornament of grace, and a crown of glory shall she deliver to thee;" and you will be truly the children of nature — pure, childlike, loving, noble, good, great, and free! If you seek Love, then will your physical form begin to resemble the beautiful and the blest! Your features will lose their sharp, hard, penetrative expression; and there will be a "look of love" in every lineament, even your walk will be an expression of inward peace and purity. But you will be earnest in this, my Friends,and fail not to attract nourishment to each part of your soul. Do I hear a voice — "How shall we commence?" My reply is, that you should cultivate your Wisdom by trying to grasp great general Principles; and by meditating and feeding upon them, as you would look over a landscape and enjoy the living whole. Strength comes only with appropriate exercise. And you should cultivate your Love by trying, with all your might, to think only affectionately toward mankind. Commence by acting so good that you can not help loving yourself -then, you will expand outwardly; and "friend, kindred,neighbor" next it will embrace — till, at last, you will be delivered from discord and debt, owing "no man anything but love." Accustom your memory to think only of kind words. Forget to use hard terms —leaving all terrible invectives to the uncivil preacher-and think only of words which express friendship and affection. For it is wonderful how men feel through, their thoughts, and have thoughts only as they remember words to utter them.

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