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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others How to Receive Spiritual Aid March 01, 2010

How to Receive Spiritual Aid


You will be helped if you do your best. The help is available only if you are free from depression. And you have first to claim it. This you do by raising vibration where it can be met by higher power. Thus depression puts you beyond touching the high. I see your wonder how this is to be done. I will tell you a universal remedy. Raise the thought to God the good and let Him freely in - see everything as through the eyes of the supreme Good - banish all which opposes itself to this ideal. In any emergency of life this is the remedy - but one not easily used at first. Let God in - that is, empty yourself of the opposite of Him - and that opposite you know as well as I do. Evil is not necessarily what the world calls evil. That you have rid yourself of. Moral evil no longer attracts you. Possibly we shall long fight against the subtler forms of vice, vanity and love of approval and personal pride. They cling after the grosser forms of immorality possess no lure. Each of us knows the particular form which he has yet to conquer - or knows as fast as it is uncovered and recognized. And as we go on the crusade, hidden failings crop up. They are of scarcely enough importance to be mentioned once the fight against them has been seriously undertaken. Certainly my business is not criticism, unless I see harm threaten you by reason of a flaw in your armor of protection, good-in-the- heart. No, I meant none even of these subtle evils. They are no more than a fleck of mud on the petal of a flower. They will disappear. They are extraneous.

In speaking of help or protection, know that the heart uplifted can be helped, and that only. No harm can come to the pure [in] intent. And by the rate of vibration is help attainable. A low rate makes you susceptible to lower spiritual influences. The higher, that is the more hopeful and courageous, your state, the more easily is evil repulsed and good welcomed. Know also that good, in whose garment you wrap yourself for protection when you wish good only, is more powerful than evil. It is powerless against you unless you let it take control. It is nothing to one who is filled with good. Only when it is believed in has it power over you. And when we attempt to help the depraved we must clothe ourselves in light to enlighten them and ourselves receive no injury. But God himself cannot help them until they turn to Him. We are in the divine image and none can violate our independence without our acquiescence.


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