December 10, 2023
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - Letters from Diana 2013 Dianas letter about her grandson . she writes from Spirit . this week July 29, 2013


's a Prince!

On Monday, the world welcomed the newest addition to the royal family and the future heir to England's throne. 
Palace officials confirmed the arrival of His Royal Highness the Prince of Cambridge, born at St. Mary's Hospital at 
4:24 p.m. BST, and weighing 8 lbs. 6 oz..

"We could not be happier," said Prince William in a statement released by the palace shortly after the birth of his son. 
He was at his wife's side during her delivery, unlike past royals. Both mother and child are doing fine, the palace 

The newborn is officially called the Prince of Cambridge. He is the first royal to use that title in 100 years.

The birth marks a new era for not only the first-time parents but also the extended royal family. As third in line to 
succeed to the throne after his grandfather Prince Charles and his father, Prince William, he's the first baby born 
under new succession laws.

Prince Charles elaborated in a statement released through Clarence House. "Both my wife and I are overjoyed at the 
arrival of my first grandchild," he added. "It is an incredibly special moment for William and Catherine and we are so 
thrilled for them on the birth of their baby boy."

The third future heir to the British throne has been named George Alexander Louis and will be known officially as
HRH Prince George of Cambridge. He will be the first Prince George of Cambridge in more than 100 years.

Hello everyone,

Like you all I am thrilled by the exciting news of the big bouncy baby boy born to 
Catherine and William. As I 
remember it being a parent is quite the most amazing feeling, one incomparable to any other. I can hardly believe that 
the years seem to have flown by so fast since I became mummy to William and Harry. I am thrilled at being a fairy 
grandmother for the first time, but saddened naturally at not being able to be with them all physically but I will be 
around therm.

I am as thrilled by this news as Charles has expressed he at being a grandfather for the first time and I know he'll be a 
wonderful grandparent as will the other grandparents, 
Catherine's mother and father, Carole and Michael. I am sure 
Harry will be a perfect uncle and godfather.

I also find it somewhat ironic that at the same time of this royal event happening the two patients with double barrelled 
names, Mr l. Cullen-Brooks, former under-butler to the butler of the late HM Queen Mother, and Mr A. Russell-Davies, 
are being hospitalized at the same time opposite ends of the same ward. So one might say that the Establishment and the 
People's Princess are united for it, albeit distinctly separated by distance.

Being an hereditary monarchy its greatest goal therefore is to reproduce and with their baby son born 
Catherine and 
William have achieved this which will please the current Monarch but more than this, on a much mo
re personal level, 
they achieved becoming a family and I have complete confidence that both 
Catherine and William will make a 
wonderful job of that.

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful global love and support for my eldest son and his beautiful wife and their 
wonderful news.


Posted June 21, 2013

[Side note from Rose
:  Due to Andrew having some physical problems and a surgery/recuperation period the birthday 
for William has come and gone  (June 21st).  So, hoping to correct this oversight, and that a belated birthday wish is 
better than none at all, here's to William!]

Happy Birthday William, my darling.

I would imagine there will be no greater possible birthday gift for you than soon  becoming a father for the first time. 
You must still be pinching yourself that it's happened and if you're anything like me at all then you'll already be 
experiencing the most amazing feeling and one that cannot possibly be put into words.

I'm absolutely thrilled and I know that this birthday and others after it spent with your beautiful wife Catherine and 
family can only mean one thing, that they will all be happy ones.

My darling I'm always with you looking over you and loving you with all of my heart and so I wish you a wonderful 
birthday and I so look forward to sharing in your joy when you become a daddy and have complete confidence you'll 
be a pretty amazing one.

With lots of love and hugs galore from Mummy  xxxxxxxxxx

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