May 18, 2024
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Special Corner - Spirit Dove He Lives January 18, 2010

By Helen Gleason

I see Him in the sunset
with its muted crimson glow,
The Crowning of a lovely day,
as oceans ebb and flow.
Not only in the mountains
can His Majesty be seen,
but in a tiny leaf of gold
of a spreading chestnut tree.
In fields of yellow buttercups
or crimson-petaled rose,
in every plant and flower bloomed
I see His love exposed.
He lives in small rivulets
that flow o'er rocks and rills,
to mighty oceans' rolling tides
with foaming waves He fills.
His love has made a world for us
if we would only see
the treasures of the universe,
and all of it is free.
I stand in awe and worship 'fore
His wonders grand displayed,
and praise the Mighty One Whose
worlds and miracles arrayed.

It is well and good to have lofty aspirations and grand inspirations of the Father's Kindom to come; learning how we might better live and serve Him, but many of us fail to realize that we exist at this moment as part of Hi Creation, and are, in fact, an expression emanating from His Presence. We don't have to attain to, or become anything save what we already are.

We live in this beautiful world, filled with His Presence. Itıs our responsibility to take care of this precious gift given by Him.

This world is being plundered and depleted of its life giving sustenance, and (in my opinion) we should spend more time and energy in help to rid it of its parasites, otherwise, those that follow us (who shall form the Fathers Kimgom) shall have no place to build His edifice.

Spirit Dove

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