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Special Corner - Richard Rowley Frederic Meyer Scripts January 16, 2010

Original Date: 01-10-2006 Posted on SpiritualismList

Research and what's really important for mediums

J.B. Rhine of Duke University took a wrong turn for parapsychology and set back the progress of psychical research by 70 years when he turned away from survival evidence and communications from personalities continuing their existence in the afterlife, and went in for what he thought was the more reliable statistical analysis of telepathy testing in the laboratory. The tests with Zener cards and remote viewing could be made replicable, but for us and the psychics and mediums, the procedures are mind-numbingly boring, and you only have to attend one parapsychology conference to understand why!

Now, telepathy is one of the chief means of communication between spirits in the afterlife as well as an extra-sensory gift here on earth, and psychometry is one of the tools of mediumship, as are remote viewing, psycho-kinesis, and levitation, which TM meditation students try to achieve on the way to enlightenment, while scientologists take different and more expensive routes to nirvana. But these PSI or ESP phenomena, called siddhis in the East, are really only preliminaries to mediumship, leading to deeper and more evolved states of consciousness. Parapsychology has put undue emphasis on trivialities, while ignoring the more important meaning and purpose of communications from beyond.

Let me explain what I mean in more detail by giving an example. In the introduction to some hitherto unpublished communications coming from the late Frederic Myers coming through Kenneth Richmond between 1915-1918, the medium explained how his gift developed. He and his wife Zoe were students of Carl Jung's psychology, and Kenneth himself was an educational journalist. He was playing with a pack of cards, and found that in turning over the cards after shuffling them, he knew beforehand what card was going to be turned up - accurately and quite beyond chance.   He did this for a number of mornings, and then quite suddenly gave it up, and began to take down messages from Frederic Myers, one of the founding members of the Society for Psychical Research who had died in 1901, though at the time the Richmonds knew nothing about him or psychical research. Myers explained in his communications that reading cards, psychometrizing objects, producing apports, levitating tables and making predictions were only preliminaries to mediumship proper. Once such phenomena occurred and were seen to be really happening, it was time to move on to deeper levels of communication with spirit. Once such phenomena are known to be possible, and seen to exist, what is the point of testing them, again and again in the lab? This was why, once Richmond saw that   reading cards was a fact, he was directed by the spirit of Myers to stop that, and move on to writing down his communications.

Spirit uses such abilities as reading cards, and phenomena such as raps, levitations, poltergeist activities and certain synchronicities as a means of catching our attention, and letting us know that there are intelligent powers beyond the physical world. However, for parapsychologists to make them the central focus of their work is frustrating both for mediums and for the spirits themselves. We need to know what spirits have to say, not only about their continuing existence, but also about where they are, what they can do, and how much knowledge they can share with us.

So it is good that in the 21st Century we now have serious psychical researchers who are looking more sensibly into mental and physical mediumship, EVP   and ITC. Along with them there are a few research groups connected with one religion or another, who are also doing valuable work in this area, such as the Churches' Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies, several university departments and the Spiritualist and Spiritist organizations themselves.

These early Myers scripts were never published, since Myers thought at the time the world was not ready for his message. He wrote in more detail in the 1930s through Geraldine Cummins, who published his thoughts in two books, "The Road to Immortality" and "Beyond Human Personality."

However, the Edmond's scripts contain the essence of Spiritualist philosophy, so I will extract the essential points contained in them in a further post here on SpiritualismList.

Richard R

Research and the Myers Scripts (2)

Unpublished Myers (Part Two)

Unpublished Frederic Myers Scripts through Kenneth Richmond, 1915-1918

Journalist Kenneth Richmond later became resident Secretary to the Society for Psychical Research in London until his death in 1945. His wife Zoe continued to work for the Society, and with the help of Elizabeth Gaythorpe as editor, had a few extracts from the scripts published in the 1960s by the then College of Psychic Studies in London, as C.P.S. Paper # 4. Either the College or the Society must still have the complete set of original scripts, which would be interesting to read in their entirety. Meantime, I offer a few selections which throw light on Myers' thoughts about mediums and communication from the other side. His earlier beliefs and research can be picked up from the book he helped edit and publish in 1886, the "Phantasms of the Living," and from his own "Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death" published posthumously in two volumes in 1903, and recently condensed into one volume. His other writings have appeared in "Fragments of Prose and Poetry," 1904, and "Fragments of Inner Life" brought out by the Society for Psychical Research, 1961. Geraldine Cummins authored two books in the 1930s inspired by Myers, as mentioned in my earlier post. The following are edited extracts from the 1916 scripts. It is interesting to note that around the same time Douglas Fawcett was gathering his ideas about God, creative imagination and imaginism which Raynor Johnson later took an interest in, with his "Nurslings of Immortality". At a later date I will write about Fawcett's contact with Johnson and Victor Goddard during his lifetime, and both Fawcett's and Johnson's return, after their deaths, through different mediums.


"As to the present and the immediate future of psychical science, thinkers are wanted who will let their thoughts fuse with and merge into ours. If you can think our thoughts, you can speak our words; and we want to think your thoughts and to qualify and [infuse] them with the thoughts which we have learned from beyond. We need the service of those among you who can THINK.

"Mediumship must have something of artistry. Through a deep trance medium or automatic writer we get mechanical evidence and all that, but through conscious mediumship we have interaction between two minds. The two act and react the one upon the other, and between them they recreate authentic truth which can be understood by the common sense of the ordinary mind. Science and logical evidence alone won't do that. You must let the glow of the spirit shine through. And it won't shine through if you merely shut your eyes and say `Tell us'. We can't tell you like that. We can only help you to tell yourselves. Join in with us: work with us: feel with us. Don't sit passive. ....even granting that we are so very much superior to you, which we are not, except in knowing certain things, most of which we can't tell you because it would do no good - even then, everything depends upon your co-operation.

"We are all ready to speak to you, and everything that you say to us is already understood. Reach out.   Try to understand. We will let you know when you are not understanding.

"Allow a period of deliberate calm and reflection before you begin to write. [Then] you can say what I want out of your own mind as well as out of mine; we co-operate in thought; we originate ideas in harmony with one another; they are not my ideas alone, nor yours alone, but the fruit of a marriage of minds. That is the beginning of my message to all my friends on your side: your minds must be fertilized by ours, and ours, in a somewhat different way, by yours; thus something of absolute, original truth will be engendered.

"The architect needs the creative service of the bricklayers and other workers to bring his plans to perfection. All service is creative. The [Divine] Architect plans; that is creation, because it is a potential service to his creatures. We strive to realize the plan - to make it an actuality; that is creation, because it is our return of service to Him. This is co-operation in its greatest and most glorious form. He holds out to us our opportunity - His creation; we grasp and realize it, and that is OUR creation, equally necessary. And that which we are privileged to create in co-operation with Him is an addition to the sum total of mutual service in the cosmos; a further extension of the divine principle of fellowship; a finer and a fuller realization of love.

"You ask, "Can God - a perfect God - NEED that `finer and fuller' realization?" You can't understand. Nor can I. But He works, through us, as though He cared for our work and our co-operation with Him. And that seems to mean that He wants something, still. I don't think that this proves Him imperfect. I am being paradoxical, but every glimpse of an ultimate truth involves a paradox.

"God means us to join hands in order to gain HAPPINESS. You never thought of that. You thought only of getting at the truth; that is part of His meaning; so is virtue; so is beauty. But Joy - pure, absolute rejoicing - as an end in itself, provided that it IS pure, and absolute. That is what creation is for. That is the ultimate object."

(to be continued). RR

Frederic Myers (Part 3)

Extracts from 1916 scripts through Kenneth Richmond

Doing God's Will, and the difficulties of getting a message through a medium without distortion.

"You can now understand to some extent that the purpose behind the universe is not only logical, but also a compelling force [or power] whose compulsion is expressed through the miracles of wonder and of joy. God compels us beautifully and mercifully, THROUGH those two impulses of ours [of wonder and joy]. He `compels' us only in so far as He teaches us to compel ourselves. And in compelling ourselves, we re-create His will.

"I don't think any of you - tell [Oliver] Lodge this - quite realize the complex of difficulties against which we have to contend. Imagine sending a verbal message through six interpreters, and you will have some idea of what I mean. [1] I touch the medium's brain first, the trance consciousness. [2] Then the control interprets...which you don't and can't understand. [3] Their common explanation of my idea. [4] your auditory perception. [5] Your mental interpretation of that perception. [6] Your verbal conclusion [finding the right words].

"Try to develop a form of [inspirational writing] mediumship in which the idea is suggested to you with a minimum of conscious control on your part, but the actual expression of the idea is subject to our censorship as you write [as a double check]. Try to TAKE the sentence or phrase direct from us first; then try to write it down as you conceive it; if we check your hand, as you write, try to get our modification; if you fail in this, and the check still persists, abandon that phrase, and start afresh.

"Unconscious automatic writing has drawbacks which are more difficult to track down than conscious writing; the interference of your own personality is apt to be equally prevalent [as in conscious writing] but very much more difficult to trace. Still, unconscious scripts now and then have unique value - on the rare occasion when we can fully control them. I had rather you concentrated on this semi conscious writing. I want to use your subliminal , and I do; but I also want the control over its detailed expression which you give me when you subject your conscious phrase-making to my guidance. I want to steer the boat into harbour as well as provide the cargo; and so many excellent cargoes get wrecked by the other means.

[Kenneth Richard:] May I ask who you are?

"You may ASK, but you are bad at catching names. Try a periphrasis. May heir is. Now delete the even letters."

(to be continued) Richard R

Frederic Myers scripts (part 4) through Kenneth Richmond Mediumship and Different Levels of Communication with the Other Side.  Scientific method applied to psychical research. A brief description of the spirit worlds.

A few extracts from 1917 and 1918. [The available "Unpublished F.W.H. Myers Scripts" edited by Elizabeth Gaythorpe were published in a pamphlet C.P.S Paper 4 by the then College of Psychic Studies in the 1960s. Now out of print, a few copies can be tracked down in used book stores.]

"Scientific mediumship is what we need.  You may be able to develop that critical power, if you practice steadily and very conscientiously.  Don't expect results before you have earned them.  Good results can't be had in a hurry.  Conditions are all right as long as you don't get yourselves into a state of tension.  Take it calmly - that is what makes it easiest for us to get through.   A kind of placid happiness goes with successful mediumship; not too dreamy, and not too [mindlessly] bovine - wholly ACTIVE, in fact; but not so active as to involve you in cerebral disturbances.  When you are sitting or writing, try to live, for the moment, on your mental capital.

"I want to talk philosophy with you, and I hope to convince you that we on this side, after a few years' experience, have something to offer towards the solution of the eternal problem.  Not any complete, ultimate solution, but a contribution towards the data which you couldn't get unless something helped you from a sphere beyond your own.  For the moment, I humbly represent that sphere for you; but remember that inspiration of the higher kind is contact with higher regions of the spirit world than mine.

"Let  us now turn to the view that these communications are in truth what they seem, and attempt to sketch the first, elementary inferences that follow upon such a view.  It would seem as though in this epoch, through the development of critical scientific method, it were at last possible to test the data that have filtered down through the history of the ages - the experiences of sybils, seers, mystics, all gifted with something of the  power that we now call mediumship - in the light of newly systematized knowledge, and to carry that knowledge further by disencumbering it of the superstition that brought thousands of witches to the stake.  But while we discard superstition, let it be quite clear that we do not discard religion.  Far above the region of subliminal consciousness through which we come into touch with the spirits of the departed, are those regions through which we gain fleeting, momentary contact with Universal Spirit.  Of that sacred contact  religion is the guardian; and of any faults and failings in the guardianship that religion has exercised [as Arthur Findlay and Maurice Barbanell have demonstrated in many books] it is not our province to speak here.

"The process called evolution is twofold.  This has been the doctrine of all those who have laboured to find a union of the religious and the scientific standpoints: there is racial evolution, with the terrestrial life, but persisting throughout a further range of being.  Psychical research seems now to offer the beginnings of a scientific verification for that faith in a personal evolution.  We find hints, suggestions, among the messages from the other life that are best evidenced and seem the least disturbed in transmission, from which we gather that the essentials of personality remain, on 'the other side', subject to the same laws of gradual change and development as on this plane of existence.  In many ways, though not in all, the environment appears to change; there are differences, it would seem, in physical constitution and function, and very marked differences in respect of the limitations of space and time; but the essentials of personality - character, temperament, type of outlook, - seem to undergo little if any sudden change.

The body, in the next life, seems capable of translation from one place to another at will; the mind seems capable of direct and rapid intercourse with other minds without the intermediary of spoken or written language, though we can hardly suppose that the heritage of language is abandoned.  Words and phrases framed in the spirit-mind can be transferred directly to other spirit-minds, by a process akin to terrestrial telepathy, but perfected; this for the common interchange of idea; while for artistic utterance, for true prose and poetry, the music of language may still be heard from the lips of those who are moved to speak beautifully.

On passing the dividing line between the two phases of existence, the essential person would appear to remain the same, with the same responsibility for his [or her] own personal evolution in the new environment.  The mention of work to be done, responsibilities to be fulfilled, is frequent in messages from the next life, in connection with an idea of happiness, as though work were very much better organized and apportioned, very much more enheartening and satisfying to the worker on the next plane, than is commonly the case on this.  The mention of happiness is almost universal, and not only, it would seem, for the purpose of reassuring those who remain.  It seems to be impressed  upon us as a truth, for its own sake, that there is greater proportionate happiness in that life than in this.  So far, the conception of terrestrial life as a transient vale of tears would appear to find partial justification.  But the happiness [over here] is not a luxury of vacant ease, but a wider joy in a life of fuller activity.

"This speech mediumship without actual trance has been known before, especially among the Greeks.  The Mantis was not often a trance medium but spoke in semi-trance, retaining some memory, though slight, of what has passed.  It is this power that we are trying to recover.  There are two main classes of communication from the dead through mediumship; trivial but important personal facts proving evidence to the sitter, and general sometimes long-winded statements of principles and philosophy.  Among the latter we have some writings that show real nobility and dignity of thought.

"Remember that the clash of material structures need not mean the dissolution of spiritual structures, but may be the sign of new and vital growth, for which the old material, or its arrangement at present, can no longer serve as a vehicle.

Material organization in societies falls and decays when the spirit leaves it, as do your material bodies [and neglected, uninhabited and derelict buildings].

Watch for the signs of new growth, whether they appear in the material plane or the psychological; note especially the signs of new co-operation between people as the old co-operation decays.  Leave the old to its disintegration, and study the re-integrations that are the promise of new fellowship.

"Be happy; no thought runs a true course without joy.

"Your soul reincarnates every moment in which it enters into sympathetic union with another soul.  It reincarnates perpetually.  It must not hope to go back and recover in another life that which it has willfully neglected in this life.  There are other lives and other chances, but they are won through much trouble and conflict.  It is infinitely better to carry through your own soul, your own individuality to its own consummation of perfect union in sympathy with other souls, which is the nearest approach that I can yet conceive to the union of the soul with the Godhead.

"One of the chief clouds between us and you is that your side tends so often to appeal to ours, not for that which we can give, but for that which can only be worked out through earth conditions.  People try to escape from the task of development which earth conditions impose on them.  The new knowledge of psychical science should make it easier for them to realize and criticize that tendency. The same for prayer. God gives spiritual help through spirits on our side, as he does also through spirits still in the body.

"Intuition is the voice of the soul, and that cannot be made conscious and cannot be analyzed.  When intuition speaks to you far above your conscious understanding, it also throws down onto the screen of your conscious thought some reflection, some image of its greater meaning.  That reflection, that image, you must seize with ALL the conscious power that you possess, that is the comprehensible part of the intuition which is granted to you. This part you must think out, analyze, dissect, reorganize in every way that you can think of.  But never forget that there is always one aspect of truth which you cannot grasp and analyze, which you can only contemplate and worship; this is  Truth, from which you gain truths. Never let yourselves think that you have [even] BEGUN to exhaust the infinite fountain of Truth.

"You should understand the illimitable range over which the spiritual hierarchy extends, and I wish today to turn your thoughts to the vastness and intricacy of the process that you know as nature, in order to open for you another window upon the spiritual world through the realization that all is controlled by spirits of varying type and grade.  You may personify these controllers, great and small, without fear of overstating the truth, but they are personalities very different from ourselves.  Their self expression has evolved  in different ways, perhaps, but I do not know the course of their life history.

"We wish to give you some impression of life as we experience it. Imagine the sky full of color as though great angels with iridescent wings were thronging its infinite spaces perpetually.  That is the sky beneath which we live and work. Imagine a sea in which every change of light and color is the nature of a soul, and you have the illimitable sea of souls over which our work extends. Imagine an earth in which for granite you have diamond, for limestone, pearl and for sandstone, opal.  Fire is flaming joy, where the spirit can touch fire and not be consumed but glorified.

"The region between Earth and Heaven is filled with joyous life and labor, with spirits  working to achieve a common design.  A part of our work is to help those on Earth through communion of thought. For now we believe that knowledge  can and must supercede the earlier safeguards of ignorance. An intelligible system of thought is imperative, and your work is to cooperate in framing such a system.

Human life is gradually developing a system of communications across the barrier.  Endless strata of enlarged spirituality lie onward and beyond.  The stratum with which my principal work lies is next to your own, and is only the first of many.  The work is to help you to feel its reality, and many of us are joined together for the task.  You have been given experience of communication from the higher regions, and you must teach that our region is not, and cannot be self-sufficing.  See through it an endless vista that lies beyond.  There is a hierarchy of spirits, a developing unity of spiritual presences.  Materialism is the denial of that unity.  Mysticism is a leap into the void.  We have to work out a philosophy that will bridge the chasm.  Rational research provides the planks and pillars of the bridge, but only philosophic thought can do the building.

"Put your trust in LIFE.  For God is Life."

That is all I have time to quote. The philosopher who did provide  the philosophy to build the bridge between the two worlds in the mid-twentieth century was Douglas Fawcett, and herein lies an interesting story involving Ena Twigg, the London medium whose autobiography Laurie (Latoray) just mentioned reading.  She, with the help of one or two other mediums, a bishop or two, three prominent servicemen, a couple of journalists and a professor from Australia helped keep psychical research alive when it was being abandoned or suppressed by the Anglican Church and by the parapsychologists of the time.  That will be the subject of my next exciting post.  Watch this space!   Richard R

Myers (5) more on communicating, God's Magic, Rescue Circles etc

Lord Dowding and God's Magic, and Margaret Flavell's Rescue Circle and more about scientific mediumship.

Air Chief Marshal Lord Hugh Dowding was both the champion of the Battle of Britain and the champion of Spiritualism in the mid 1940s at a time when both the Church of England and the Establishment were still oppressing, suppressing and imprisoning mediums. However, even Winston Churchill objected to the trial of Helen Duncan, but it took courage for mediums like Margaret Flavell to conduct rescue circles for servicemen killed in action, and it was to her circle that Hugh Dowding came, and which he reported on in his books "Lychgate" and "God's Magic." I will give a few excerpts from those books in a later post, but in this article I want to round off Frederic Myers's advice about scientific mediumship with more recent remarks from a communicator Margaret Flavell brought through when she came to Canada and the States after the war. Her husband by coincidence served in the Royal Air Force, and worked on the development of the Radar which helped Lord Dowding win the air battle against Germany. He contacted her after his death in as did the father of a close friend of hers in the States, the Lutheran pastor Alvin (A.D.) Mattson.

A.D. Mattson's communications, together with his son-in-law's and those of Margaret's own husband provide a fascinating picture of the afterlife, where each person quite evidently retained his or her personality and lifetime interests. The son-in law had been a broadcaster and musician, and on passing was able to continue his musical interests on the other side, meeting former associates such as jazz players Bud Freeman and George Barnes. Bands and orchestras get together over there, and Hal continues to play his double bass and compose. [I look forward to my own future in music among other pursuits when it's my time to pass. I have many friends and colleagues in music and the theatre to meet again!] A.D. Mattson continues his theological interests, now on a far wider scale, and he keeps an eye on what is going on in the world. The reason why I am linking him with this discussion is because his instructions to mediums like Margaret Flavell, who has now spent over 60 years' in service to Spiritualism, are directly compatible with those of Frederic Myers. I quote a few remarks from his daughter Ruth Mattson Taylor's book "Evidence from Beyond."

"I haven't yet become accustomed to all the words, the jargon, concerning communication, so I am trying to keep it simple. A good receiver is one who, as though winding a skein of wool, keeps one end and winds it up carefully, carefully, like that tape is winding - listening and not allowing any thought to come in except what is actually being given to her by the communicator. The early mediums did not have the necessary control of their brain and their mind to clear away all thought and allow the communication to come through. That is why there had to be trance mediumship.

"One of the real reasons for a great deal of frustration is the fact that I can only send a thought to Margaret, and she must translate that thought into words. As you are aware, I have stopped her on more than one occasion so that she will pick up the right word to interpret what my thought and meaning is. I am projecting my thought to Margaret without using words because it is slow and laborious for me to use words.

It is vitally important for you to realize that, when you get a message, you should not condemn it and say, "But that's not his speech. That's not the way he talks." I am not talking words. I am sending a thought from my mind to Margaret's mind, and her personality and brain have to interpret it.

"We have to tell all people who mourn that they must be comforted because unless they are comforted, we can't get through to them. There is this stream of life, the Holy Spirit, and it is like a spring coming up. It comes up into the pool of your own consciousness. If your own consciousness is so turbulent, the spring as it comes from the ground is taken up with all this turbulence. If you take a still pool and you place a spring at the back of it, water would come from the spring and it would move through the pool so that all you would see would be currents moving through the water until they come to the surface. When we communicate, this is how you should feel - that the Holy Spirit is like that spring in you and you receive through the calmness of your own consciousness. As I look at you, Margaret, [I see] you have this stillness, and through the spring of the Holy Spirit I am communicating with you. This movement is made spirit to spirit, and these movements impinge on the brain and the brain coats them in words. It is true that I have my material prepared. I also find that I am inclined to link in a little with your minds. When you seem to be more interested in one thing, then I enlarge on that, extending the area of information, and widening the scope of the subject.   I can also at times pick up from your minds the questions you want to ask me, and I can also pick up your questions when you write them out on paper.

"When I communicate with you, I have my own little area - a little round circular mushroomlike place. It really IS a very large white mushroom. It has quilting material underneath, which is for the acoustics, and I do sit there and broadcast my thoughts to you. I can pick up through that crinkle, crinkle, crinkle material of the ceiling. I pick up your responses to me very carefully. They come, and I pick them up at the back of my neck. There are those with me who are working on this. It's rather like a recording studio. They know when I'm in full bore [volume], and they turn down the power a bit. They know when I'm wavering a bit, and when I'm slowly feeling my way in. It's a new experience to be able to see what people think by the light and thought and colors and emanation that come up from them. An interesting point has just arisen. I was finding myself so easily projecting to you and receiving your link in reply in a much clearer way than usual. I remarked on this, and was told that it is raining hard, and we find the humid atmosphere conducive to good reception on this side."

Margaret Flavell speaks of her mediumship as follows: "I relax completely, quiet the mind and brain, hold in "stillness," and disassociate from the physical. In the stillness, I become aware of a different vibration that is insistent and continuous in its feel.

On questing, I become aware of receiving a thought that is foreign. This thought develops and I become aware of a projected personality. On inquiring , a name/personality develops and, as over a telephone, a reciprocal conversation takes place. At times a picture of the person comes, as well as the personality traits. For example, I have seen A.D. Mattson in various places: under a canopy, which he described; sitting on a chair in various locations, which we also discussed. The first time of meeting I saw him in his favorite checked shirt and flannel trousers.

A continuous conversation, mind to mind, deepens until A.D. smoothly as in a physical conversation, expresses thoughts and feelings. Sometimes the feelings received have caused laughter or tears. The latter I can register and feel with him. This may be called empathy.

The whole contact is on a mind-to-mind-basis - no trance - for I never leave my body. I am aware of where I am - in a room or in a car, at the hospital, and this information I wrote down on paper rather than recording it on tape. It is possible to accept the thought without being aware of the presence of the communicator as a person, but A.D. generally projects his whole personality while sending his thoughts, so that anyone hearing his recorded talk recognizes him. The effect is quite different from the reply one receives in asking a question of the ether, not send it to any particular personality or mind. Then the reply is in a flash. [In contrast] one may wait for quite a period of time for a communicator to come through.

A.D. can project a thought to me while I'm asleep, and it doesn't register until later when my brain begins to interpret what my mind has received. He told me that our mind is like a desk with a lot of pigeonholes. They can put information in, and when our brain is moving along, the mind slips the information in, as it slipped it in this morning just as I was waking.

In Ruth's home, A.D. enters a vortex of power, which is like a movement of power, like a cone of power. He can come into that power and everything else is cut out for the time being. He is just himself in what looks to me like a spiral of power. It is going continuously - coming down and going up again - rather like an old-fashioned barber pole of light and power. It's about four feet across the top as I see it, and it narrows down like a funnel. A.D. is projecting his thinking down through that. It's very easy to do it here, because this atmosphere is steady and holds the communication. He says that is one reason why he said to us on the way home this morning that we should not go into the middle of a restaurant to eat lunch, because that confusion remains in my aura, and then he can't get through very easily."

Regretfully I can't give you any more. This is copyright material. I suggest getting hold of the books - "Evidence from Beyond" and "Witness from Beyond" both edited by Mattson's daughter Ruth Mattson Taylor. Then there are Lord Hugh Dowding's books based on Margaret Flavell's earlier work in England, mentioned above.

Peace. Richard R

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