October 02, 2023
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Special Corner - Richard Rowley Forward A.D. Mattson January 16, 2010

Posted on SpiritualismList

Thoughts on Lily Dale, gypsies, mediums, priests

I just remembered that one of my friends, an Anglican priest, broke off our friendship after I told him I was now a Spiritualist.  Shortly after, he died, and then a few years later, at an International Spiritualist Federation congress, he made an appearance via a medium,  showing  that he was now interested in our work!    This reminds me of the well-known Lutheran theologian, A. D.  Mattson, who died in 1970, but who soon came back to communicate with his daughter, Ruth Mattson Taylor, through clairvoyant Margaret Flavell, who had worked with  Air Chief Marshall Lord Dowding during the Battle of Britain, tracing missing pilots; (the books  "Witness from Beyond" and "Evidence from Beyond" show how even an orthodox priest can quickly open his mind once he passes beyond).  Another priest, this time a Catholic, Johannes Greber, left the church after one of his parishioners displayed remarkable mediumship.  He too wrote a book about this, but BEFORE his death.

As for Gypsies, I worked with a ballet master from Rumania for three years, and he was a Gypsy.  He had remarkable psychic skills, and helped me on my spiritual journey as well as being a brilliant colleague to work with.   There is a lady in England who is a well-known medium, and she is a Gypsy.  I will have to check my files for her name.

I  suppose what I am saying is that everyone seems to be progressing, and has something the contribute, no matter what their status or present belief system. All that can change so quickly, and although it's good to have standards to live by, we have to accept that others have different, even conflicting agendas.

Richard R.

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