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Spirit Material - Spirit Voices - Transcripts Electronic Voice Phenomenon - EVP's from John - Descriptions January 23, 2010

John from Thailand graciously send us his EVP recordings. The following descriptions were enclosed:

March 05,  The March 2005 EVP should read as follows: "M arch 2005 EVP file is saying...."Whose wisdom is this from?" The first four words coming together then a pause and then the fifth and final word. 

Feb. 9, 2008 EVP file
is saying "Who is it?" not sure....Lady's voice (European accent?)

Feb 12, 2008 EVP file
is saying "Are you scared?"... Male person with an Australian accent maybe?

Feb. 21,2008 EVP file...
EVPs before and after I said "hello". Maybe saying "EVP don't mess with it!" Anyway, I saw this file come up on my Goldwave visual graph in realtime! It was a really strong EVP! and almost knocked me off my chair when I played it back the first time.

Jan. 13, 2009 file
is saying "You lied to me".....I think.

All my EVPs were recorded in my bedrooms in my two homes. I used both digital recorders and analog cassette tape recorders for the recordings. Hope this helps enhance your website. Keep in touch.


Send in your EVP's
If you have any EVP's you want to share please send them to me by contacting me in the Online Community and I will put them on my website ! Make sure to add a clear description of when and where they were recorded and by whom and make sure you have permission to send them to me.


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