May 18, 2024
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Special Corner - Spirit Dove Earth, Birthplace of Angels January 18, 2010

Like unto the ebb and flow of the oceans, cycle after cycle, generation after generation, life comes forth upon the corporeal earth, spends its allotted time, and is then taken forth into the realm of spirit. No one can stay the Hand of the Almighty.

This corporeal earth serves much as an incubator, if you will, for the spiritual or angelic man. We are protected and nurtured within our corporeal environment, allowing us stability that we may grow and develop in our own way, prior to our birth into everlasting life.

This earth is not unique, there are countless other corporeal worlds scattered throughout the universe, serving the same purpose.

As with the early days of mans history, when the various peoples were separated by vast expanses of water, so too are we separated by vast expanses of space; this is so that man cannot readily interfere with one another's progress toward spiritual development.

All corporeal systems are caused to travel along predetermined roadways. These roadways carry the corporeal worlds within and among various influences. These influences give rise to the various cycles and conditions experienced by man.

No two worlds are created exactly alike, nor do they experience the various cycles in the same way, each posses its own uniqueness and purpose. It is the Creator that is the key to the harmony of the whole.

The earth has recently entered into another such ‘cycle' and is beginning to experience the changes being brought about by the new season dawning upon it. It is aptly said: "A new age is upon us."

The coming era(s) will usher in many changes upon the earth and its heavens, most notably of which will be mans understanding of himself and his true nature.

In the past, man has been preoccupied with his corporeal self, but in the future, he shall come to understand immortality as well as mortality.

Because man has now attained to comprehensive judgment, the heavens are being opened unto his understanding.

There will be many new revelations coming forth, but it will be up to man to sift through these to determine which of them will meliorate the condition of man, and uplift him unto spiritual enlightenment.

It has been said that it is the journey and not the destination that is important. This is so, but in our case, there is no destination, as our journey is forever and ever, worlds without end.

Enjoy the journey, with it's never ending cycles and seasons. Pause in each meadow, valley, or mountain and enjoy what the Creator has placed before you. You are an angel in development and your life is just beginning.

You shall exist long after this your birthplace, the earth, has moldered away.

Love, Spirit Dove

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