December 10, 2023
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - Letters from Diana Diana writes Again Dec 22 . 2010 December 23, 2010


                     "Hello Everyone,
                                          This note from me will not be posted on my site, there is no need but Rose and Andrew / Christian spoke today so I being aware of the conversation naturally and Rose has quite rightly decided that due to the extensive work she puts in to keeping my site up - dated, her sites suffer and makes the point; for what point ? Are that many people looking in on  ? Those that are doing so, well there is enough material available already there to keep them glued to exploring it from cover to cover for at least a year and even then I would imagine missing out on some detail or another as my site honestly leaves no stone unturned about any subject matter it covers. Every conceivable topic regarding my life and untimely death is covered in meticulous detail, far more so than other Diana sites on the net and not contrastly merely a picture palace of me ! 
                                           The latest precis details about "D" Notices being so prominent and I felt it important that this precis be drawn attention to as it makes clear to those who find themselves confined to subjugating themselves to the rulings imposed by them that we are not ignorant of this being the case and likewise it shows those responsible for insisting upon them being adhered to; that again we are not ignorant of their powerful agendas but are not daunted by them either, so alternatively will expose them for all to be made aware of them. I am likewise enormously grateful to Anonymous who clearly is as Rose intonates someone in the know about everything and comments very openly about topics which I have spoken about, so in turn supports them and therefore gives further credence to them. 
                                            Are we bowing out you wonder ? Was I ever defeatest in life and would I award my adversaries and enemies with such satisfaction ? I believe a certain influential male has to die before this work might continue with less hindrance, his death will certainly bring forward many revelations as there will be nobody working for him to keeping them hidden and secret as once he's dead they will not damage or tarnish his reputation ( Not that his is notable now known for his prejudices ! ) but prepare for some momentous shocks ! Whilst he is alive though there really is no point in Rose, Andrew / Christian or indeed anyone contacting any media person about my site as whether involved in the tabloids, T.V. or radio; they will not be at liberty to investigate anything of this highly, sensitive nature anyway.
                                             This might well be the reason certain other Royal Members and most notably Wills and Harry themselves do not step forward, Papa has more than probably warned them off doing so but it is interesting and as has been remarked upon that alternatively neither of them and even Charles himself is reported anyway as saying anywhere that Andrew / Christian is faking this connection with me ! Wills alternatively has correspondence telling him personally of the very real connection, nothing has been or needed to be hidden ! I personally left a voice - male message at Althorp and although my brother did not respond,he has not ever intonated that he's received a bizarre call from someone claiming to being his dead sister "Duch" ... and that's because in my message left to him I quoted something I said to him privately in life when we were alone; so he couldn't really not believe it was me calling him now could he !
                                              My point being though at this juncture and certainly until the Royal Wedding of April 29th 2011 I agree that nothing needs adding to my site, I will not be writing an obituary to this male when he dies, his dates of life added to his portfolio in the Rebellious Royals will suffice I feel. The exception to this being so might come about if amongst the revelations after his demise there are profound ones about our connection in life and certainly anything connected regarding the events happening in Paris in August 1997. when it will be expected I say something naturally!
                   For now take care of yourselves and each other and thank you for your love and support which is appreciated.
                                                                                 With love from,
                                                                                                       Diana xx

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