December 10, 2023
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - Letters from Diana Letter from Diana 28-02-2009 January 18, 2010


Thank you very much for promoting my personal sites on the net and whilst I appreciate this will not be something easy for everyone to get their heads around happening, might it be remembered I regularly consulted astrologers personally and counted Mediums and Healers amongst my closest friends. I was duly made pretty much aware by example of my being a Healer with a calling to answer to and helped greatly of course in this by who I was and who I had been, it opened doors for me, influential doors that otherwise might have remained closed.

I could by example constructively be extremely instrumental in bringing publicity to the various causes I supported as well as bring the focus of world's attention to issues that otherwise were continuously being ignored and often intentionally so of course by those not directly affected by them. So by example drawing attention to the fact that those suffering from A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. and ostrcised by society because of this were indeed victims as they were in the media promoted as being but not of the illnesses but of people's ignorance which one handshake from me to someone with the disease helped greatly to dispell !

Likewise of course my exposure of the genocide taking place in Angola and Bosnia, economically of benefit to both the U.K. and U.S.A. who made and supplied these weapons and as a result personally being publicly termed a "Loose Cannon" by a member of the British Establishment, ultimately resulted productively in an international banning of them!

So a way - shower in life, as a way - shower now in the After - Life, my work continues albeit through Andrew and " For those who believe no proof is necessary whilst for those who don't no proof is possible !"

Thank you for listening to me,

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